Monday, May 20, 2013

Replica Myths Dispelled - Celebrate Your Replica

This is an article written by a replica seller who is a member of our forum. He joined on April 25th and goes by the username Bag Snob (aka Clive).

I do not know this seller nor have I seen any of his merchandise. He seems to thrive on being mysterious which makes me unsure of what to think of him but I must admit I really enjoyed this article and I'm not the only one. In the short time he has been with us he has gained quite a fan base. This was actually the first post I've read of his and I thought it was too funny not to share it on my blog.

Though I find it an entertaining read for the most part I do believe that there are truth to many of what he writes here. I copied this post directly from the forum. The original thread can be found here:

If you have questions for this seller you'll need to contact him through the forum.


Some of you actually ask questions about me in your emails.

You go, “Oh Bag Snob, how do you find the time to write all these fantastic articles for us, while at the same time making excellent top of the range bags with authentic leather from overseas?”

Actually, none of you have asked me that. But I know that’s what many of you are thinking when you ask me questions like:

“Will the threads come apart?”

“Can it be cheaper?”

“Does it include freight?”

But I do get actual questions about me. Much of your curiosity about me can be summarized in a few questions. Who are you? If you’ve been in the industry for so long, how come I’ve never seen any reviews of your work? How come you don’t have a website? Are you from China? Where did you learn your English?

Now, as I said, you’ll understand the need for secrecy. Many of the things I reveal here are classified information in the replica industry. I’m kind of like the magician wearing the mask in the series ‘Breaking the Magician’s Code’ revealing all the secrets behind magic tricks.

I will only dispel a myth about me that I know is circulating among some of you now. Bag Snob served as an apprentice to a legendary Hermes Master craftsman and over the years became so skillful that even his master had to appreciate his works. One day, Hermes decided to employ machine stitching on their Birkin bags and Bag Snob, in a fit of righteous rage, packed up his Hermes equipment and left for China in the dead of the night vowing to bring replica machine stitched Birkins to the unwashed masses in China. Using his keenness of sight and dexterity of fingers, Bag Snob began making Birkins so beautiful that even Hermes would buy secretly and sell as their own.

I know many of you believe firmly in that story but that’s not the case at all. The real story is that our products have always existed and we have always exported to other countries and we do the occasional retail selling in China. We are so overbooked half the time we can’t do retail. A forum member wanted to buy a couple of Kellys from me, including a croc. I had to tell her my Kelly entry level production team has been fully booked for up to around 3 months and the craftsman would run my fingers through the sewing machine if I put in an order chit for the Kelly now.

China is a place of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Many of you think that you’ve seen the best with iOffer, Taobao, and a few premium sellers online but there are still some excellent makers who serve only within the country and who do not even have an email address. Language is still problem. One example would be Chanel Snob from my previous article. And she’s still making those Chanels that’s driving me nuts. Me? I’m basically a bored guy from the production team trying to do some face to face selling with actual people, have conversations, and share some stories about the long, lonely life of making replicas.

So that’s one myth dispelled. What about other myths?

Myth #2.

Buy a replica and you’re contributing to the exploitation that’s taking place in these factory sweatshops.

There’s no exploitation going on. C’mon, it’s actually the big brands like Nike, B.U.M, and Apple that are doing it. They want mass production at super quality and crazy low prices and in order for the factories to secure such contracts, they tender ridiculous quotes and the result is sweatshops with atrocious conditions. Think about this – it’s the big brands that become billionaires. Not us. They are the ones charging crazy prices from crazy low production costs. I don’t know why everyone points a finger at us.

To be able to start a sweatshop you need to be able to gather the poorest, hungriest people with certain skill sets from across the country. They don’t just gather in one place. We need specific staff and we don’t have the clout to employ from the whole of China. We get what we can get and we make sure they work in proper conditions so we get to keep them. Otherwise we get a staff crisis because new staff have to be trained. Most Chanel seamstresses have 7-14 years’ experience. We need to produce the same quality Chanel produces for you with what we’ve got.

Myth #3

Child labour? Yup, replicas are manufactured by child labour who get US$1 a day for working 28 hour shifts in a factory without windows and they are routinely raped by brutal foremen before they get to sleep. This part is not even funny anymore. Seriously, put yourself in my genuine crocodile shoes. You are manufacturing the best replicas in the market. Do you think a child is qualified to handle any part of your Birkin which would be selling at over $1000? I’ve never seen any child labour in any replica factory other than my Head Seamstress’s daughter whom I routinely bully by asking her to run down the street to get me a pack of cigarettes.

Myth #4

This is one of my favourites. Buying replicas funds terrorism. Do I even remotely sound connected to a terrorist network? You’ll never know, fair enough. But I assure you, the good money you pay me goes more into funding my prime rib eye steak and loan payments than into training facilities underground built for the purpose of turning perfectly sane people into suicide bombing fanatics. I don’t blame you if you think of me as a slick conman but, seriously, a terrorist? Where is the f-king link?!

So I buy a few authentic bags and assemble a team to replicate them and suddenly I’m an accomplice to the world trade centre bombing. For f-sake. You lot who just bought Birkins from me… Good news. You’ve just funded terrorism! That’s like branding all bad guys together. Some boy nicks an eraser from a mega bookstore and suddenly he’s linked to a serial raping case because… he did something that’s not right. Well done, Sherlock.

And for sheer irony… here comes my favourite.

Myth #5

The real super reps come from South Korea, Japan etc and they are so good you can get an SA to authenticate them. There are no super reps from Japan or Korea just like I tell my customers there are no swiss made replica watches. Swiss movement replica watches, yes, swiss made replicas, no. Any super reps came from China and they certainly can’t be authenticated in a boutique, especially Chanel. Because Chanel managed to do something to their bags no replica in the market can replicate and the manager only needs to look at THAT to find out. Those of you brave ones, you have been warned!

Anyone who bought one of those super reps in Korea probably bought a bag which was exported off my production line or one of the production lines I’m familiar with. You get the irony – I could have pictures of a bag I made coming into my email with my customer screaming triumphantly she’d FOUND THE PERFECT SUPER REP AT $1200?
Or it could be Chanel Snob’s though I doubt so cause she doesn’t mass produce. How shall I start to dispel this myth… let’s start with cost. You know how you buyers are. You want the best rep that cannot be told apart even with the help of a microscope and you want the boxes, the paper bag, the receipt, the cards, and the package preferably arranged to be sent to your local Chanel boutique so you can pick up the bag there and at the same time you ask if I could waive the freight cost.

There is no way a replica bag can be manufactured in South Korea at the price you see yourself paying. China is the only place to do it – for the watches, for the bags for anything else. Because only our labour is cheap enough and skilled enough.

Since we're on the subject of skill, let’s talk about quality as well. Sure, South Korea and Japan make better TVs, better cars, better technology. But we’re still the king of replicating. We’ve been replicating for frigging decades and we have the replica technology and replica equipment and replica craftsmen. Innovating well does not mean imitating well and I seriously believe China will beat any country in a replicating contest. We'll replicate a f-king live iguana if we need to.

Some of you may not be aware but in China you can get replica everything – replica bags, replica watches, replica luncheon meat, replica soy sauce, replica overseas beer, even f-king replica Jaguars, Bentleys and Rolls Royces. The first time the factory owners entertained me at a nightclub they even offered to have a 1:1 original Zhang Ziyi sit and drink with me. And they weren’t joking.

So when you spend your replica dollars, remember not to feel the least bit of guilt. All you’re doing is paying for the renovation I need for my apartment and a new lap top.

I swear the only parcels I’ll send out will be beautiful bags and not bombs.


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