Monday, May 20, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM from Gift Hand Bags

This review was posted on the forum by Kiki who I have had the pleasure of trading with on my blog a few months ago. She started out a reader here than joined our forum shortly after.
This review was posted on April 23rd but I only just saw it today. I know there are already plenty of Tivoli reviews but this one is from a new seller. Well it is a seller that she has purchased from before but new to me.

I just want to make it clear that I do not have any experience with this seller so I wouldn't be able to give you my opinion on their service or quality but Kiki left a pretty detailed written review.
I've seen the authentic version of this bag in the PM size right before I purchased Joy's version which I thought was nearly perfect. I have not seen the GM size though but  bought one and reviewed it but then ended up trading it out and now finding myself missing it even though I never carried it once during the time I had her lol.

The original review can be found on the forum here:

Kiki's Review:

Website ordered from:
Sister site: the website has a "chat button" - they are one there sometimes, but with the 12 hour time zone difference, its hard to catch someone.

Bag Purchased: Tivoli GM 1:1 ... 35412.html

Pricing: $249 - Less Coupon Code of $30 MD18418 - "Free Shipping" and no WU fees
My Price Breakdown: $249 - $30: paid $219 with Credit Card (I figure about $40 for shipping), so my thoughts are that I paid about $179 for this bag.

Shipping time: Paid August 10th by credit card, shipped Aug 11, arrived August 22 (not home), picked up from post office August 23

Can pay with Credit Credit
No WU Fees
I have always used a coupon code from home page or through chat button
"Free Shipping" - depends on how you look at it. I usually subtract what Joy would charge to see what the bag actually costs
No Chemical Smell - came with silica gels and smells like a mixture cardboard and leather
website is easy to navigate
Correct Bag Details:
Perfect Date Code (see my Louis Vuitton Date Code: List and Explanation posting to check your date codes) Mine is SP1033, consistent with Made in France heat stamping
Perfect Canvas, color and thickness and weight
Perfect Heat Stamping
Perfect placement of LV's and all markings (compared with authentics this morning)
Red glue is right on, but perfection would not be the right word. I would say neat and acceptable

Possible Pros:
Came with Louis Vuitton Shopping Bag
Came with Actual Receipt - has my name and address on it, date purchased, and states I ordered it from Hong Kong store, and price I paid in their currency (this is not important to me but it may be for some of you?)
Pricing may be too high
Box was beat up and one side of bag was slightly smooshed, even though it was filled with stuffing -- I am going to have to slightly reshape the one side, but the bag is cut and formed perfectly
Not sure if yellow thread is perfect? It looks AMAZING, but it may be slightly too yellow? I dont have authentic yellow threads to compare. Looks same as authentic bags though.
Dustbag - unsure if Louis Vuitton font is correct, but it has the army green coloring that Sarah mentioned is correct.
Pre-ship photos? I have never requested

They no longer sell Chanels - I asked to see if they had them, just not on the website. They stopped - too risky.

I think returns would be next to impossible or too expensive. So its still a risk. I truly believe you have to shop ONLY the 1:1 bags, or you are very likely to have imperfections.

In all, I believe I got exactly what I paid for and I have been super super pleased with the process.
I am willing to pay a little more knowing I am likely taking less risk with the quality. But thats just me. With replicas, I would still rather have quality over quantity. But thats just me as well.

Please remember that this is just MY EXPERIENCE. In this game, I think every transaction has its risks.


  1. I requested to be a member of the forum and created an account/emailed the moderator. It has been a few days now, when should I expect a response? I am planning to order a Damier Ebene Speedy B soon (from either Fang or Sandy) and perhaps a Damier Azur Speedy from Joy, but I want to check out the images on the forum first. Thanks so much! I love your blog :)

    1. Nicole, please email me your username. I'll see if you're even in the system.

  2. hi can you let me know the date code number inside please. So that I know which seller also have it at lower price.

  3. I wanna be a member of the website as well I already emailed them and no response! :(