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Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM for Trade/Barter

5/14/13 UPDATE: This item has found a new home. Thank you to all those interested!


This is a review of a replica Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull GM from Joy of FabAAA. It was purchased on March 7th of this year for my employer along with the Prada Saffrano previously reviewed. I have seen her use this bag only a handful of times so it is in excellent condition.
She asked me to list it on my blog in the "Trade/Barter" section at the same time the Prada was given to me but I've been so busy with work I've only now had a chance to take the pics and post it.
There is nothing wrong with this bag and I've included over 100 pics below for you to see for yourself. It is a great bag for those who prefer large bags. It will make a great work or beach bag and certainly large enough to carry everything you need and much more.


The front and back side of this bag are identical as far as I can see. I have never seen the authentic version of this bag in person so my review is based on pictures I've seen online from reliable resources, mainly well known consignment shops that sell only authentic luxury goods.

This is the top Left corner from the front of the bag. I will be taking pics from left to right and top to bottom showing close ups of various parts of the bag.

The brown leather trim has a cut on one side only, shown below. It is stitched and glued.

The canvas is a good color and closely matches the color of my Authentic Trevi PM bag but as with most replicas it is not as thick as the authentic. But this would only be obvious to someone who is very familiar with this line and only if they were to touch and feel the canvas.

There is a tiny spot behind the Left leather handles that has a bit of red poking through. This isn't noticeable in person unless you were looking for it.

Here is the top Right corner on the front. There are 4 gold studs (2 on each side) that hold the side ties. They are all engraved with Louis Vuitton.

The leather straps are thin but feel like they would hold up well. It is slightly warped but this is easily fixed by hanging it on a door knob weighed down for a couple weeks at most.

Here's a close up of the top Left leather tab. You cans see the red poking out here better. It is so tiny you can't really see it in person and I'm not sure if it is a red stitch or if it is part of the interior fabric poking through.

This is the top Right leather handle. There is some white spots on the leather handles here that will come right off with a wet rag. I noticed my Neverfull PM (also from Joy) had these spots which came right off. I'm not sure what causes it but I've had emails/comments from people with the same complaint.

Here's the bottom Left corner still on the front of the bag.

The bottom middle.

And the bottom Right corner.

Back to the top Left corner still on the front. There's another tiny red poking through on the leather tab here. The D rings and the clasp on this bag are lightweight. I have not seen the authentic but I am fairly certain it should be a bit more substantial. But even so it should hold fine.

Here's a close up of the other side. The studs also appear slightly more of a yellow gold than the D rings but it could be a trick of the lighting. I can't really tell in person.

This is a side view and the following 8 pics after the one shown below are all just close up of the same side with the leather ties pulled up and hanging down as shown here.

The cut in the leather is not aligned with the side seams. I don't know if they align on the authentic but I do know that some of the other styles like the Hampstead do not line up either so I don't think this is unusual.

The color of the thread are correct. It is a lighter shade of brown on the canvas and a dark brown on the leather parts. The angle of the camera may make the stitching slightly off but they are actually fairly straight.

There's a piece of lint or something here that I'm sure will come right off. It's so tiny I didn't even notice it until I saw this picture.

The checker pattern does line up but they do not form a full square which is true of the Authentic.

The bottom of the leather ties on this side is bent to one side. The bag is still fairly new and has not been used much so the leather is still stiff. It will become flexible with use.

The D rings on the sides are all lightweight. The stud here is engraved though it's difficult to see.

The leather piece that allows you to cinch the bag slides up and down smoothly but is not loose so it will hold if you cinch it. The stud is only engraved on one side, here it is blank. I didn't check to see if this is correct of the Authentic. I'm not real picky about the minor details like this so personally it would not bother me if it is not correct.

Here is the other side of the bag. The canvas of the bag is not thick enough to give it structure. It looks fine empty. In this picture it is filled with foam paper. When loaded the bag will sag without a base shaper.

And again the following pictures will show close up details from top left to top right and top to bottom.

The stamping on the brown squares are in the exact same place on both sides.

This is the top Left lether tab on the back side.

And the other side.

Bottom Left corner.

Middle of the bottom.

Bottom Right corner.

And a couple of close ups of the canvas in the middle of the bag. There is a white speck of something here, probably a piece of lint. It should come right off.

And here is the other side of the bag. The leather ties here are bent inwards instead of to one side.

A few close ups from top to bottom. The checker pattern on this side also lines up but does not form full squares.

There is a couple spots on the leather piece that slides up and down. I'm not sure what causes this but I noticed it on my Neverfull PM as well and I only used that bag twice before it was rehomed. I used a Coach Leather Moisturizer and it came right off but I'm fairly certain a wet rag will do the same.

The leather piece slides smoothly up and down and will not slide down on it's own if you decide to cinch the bag.

Here are more of the mysterious white spots. I don't remember even seeing these when doing the photo shoot so it's not really obvious.

I think this picture is of the other side because the end is bent sideways instead of inwards. I must have named it out of order.

Here is a view of the base of the bag.

The next few pictures are just various close ups of the bottom from left to right and top to bottom.

The checkers line up but do not form a full square. It is the same all around.

Top Right corner.

Left middle side seam.

Middle of the base.

Right middle of the base where the side seams meet the edges.

Bottom Left corner of the base.

Bottom middle of the base.

Bottom Right corner of the base.

And pictures of all 4 corners. There are NO scuffing on this bag.

The stitching on the straps are nice and even.

The strap itself appears to be the right thickness.

Here are a couple pics of the front and back of the bag with it lying flat.

The clasp is lightweight and does not feel like it would hold up to pressure. All of my reps that uses this type of clasp are all the same weight. I think they would break easily with pressure so I never use them. I'm fairly certain the Authentic version is more substantial.

It is engraved with the LV logo on both sides which is true of the Authentic.

Here is a top view of the inside of the bag. The color is a bright fire engine red and appears spot on to the Authentic. The lining is made of a coarse textile fabric.

There is another white spot on the leather trim here.

The zipper runs smoothly with no catching. The zipper pull still has the blue plastic it came with.

I did not get a very clear shot of the heat stamp but it looks better than it does in this picture however it is not completely centered. It is slightly too far to the right and could be moved down a tad.

The monogram on the top Right corner of the pocket here appears slightly faded compared to the rest of the bag. I'm not sure if this is a flaw or if it was meant to look this way.

The stud inside are also engraved.

Stitching on the inside are good for the most part.

I think this ring is meant to hold your keys.

This picture is of the interior of the zipper pocket. It feels like some sort of plastic and I was surprised to discover this is true of the Authentic.

The serial # or date stamp is underneath the pocket on the top Right corner. It reads RT4121. I have not checked if this is the correct placement. I don't really mind these minor details but for those curious the format of the date code is correct however I don't think the RT exists. I've been reading conflicting stories about this part. Since it isn't an issue for me I've never bothered to look into it.

Overall I would rate this bag a 9.3 on a scale of 1 to 10. I'm a bit more forgiving of minor flaws than some people so your rating may be different. I think the only issues with this bag are the thickness of the canvas and the hardware is insubstantial. Other than those two details I think the bag is a great replica. It would certainly pass as Authentic for most people.

I think the only way someone would know it was a replica is by touching the canvas and the hardware. Anyone familiar with the Authentic version would know the canvas should be thicker and the hardware is too lightweight.

This bag is in Excellent Condition. It looks just like the day it was received. If you are interested in this bag please email me at

I have been really busy with work lately so it might take me a day or two to get back to you.

Keep in mind this bag is NOT my own bag. It belongs to my employer and I am listing this to help her out since she no longer wants the bag. If it were the MM size I may have been tempted to keep it for myself. It would make a great Work Bag for files and will certainly accommodate all your daily essentials and more. It will carry a small laptop easily with plenty of room.

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  1. Hi Purse Princess! something a bit related to your post, would you know if the vachetta on the authentic neverfull monogram also has cut like the cut on the trim of this bag?