Saturday, May 25, 2013

Replica Black & White YSL Cabas Chyc Leather Tote

Last week I purchased a Black and White Mini YSL Cabas Bag from Susan (aka displaced) who is a member of our forum. She purchased it from Jess of Fallin2Fashion ( but it was to small for her (she's 5',9") so she sold it to me.

I had seen her mod shots on the forum and had to agree it did look rather funny on her taller frame. Since I am only a petite  5',1" I knew it would be a much better fit for my stature.

The original price of this bag was $215 before shipping. The standard ship rate from China is $40 so it was probably somewhere around $255 after shipping. Jess accepts CC so you don't have to pay a W/U fee and you have the benefit of buyer protection from your financial institution. That's a huge BONUS but not sure how long it will last. Most sellers are reverting to W/U due to strict CC regulations that are making it harder for replica sellers to accept CC.

Anyway I got a nice discount at only $175 including shipping and Susan was in the US so big plus for me. I paid on Sunday, it shipped Monday and I received Tuesday. I wish all my other purchases got here this quickly lol.

I must say the bag looks just as good as the pictures shown on the website. I only looked it over briefly and tried it on to see how it fits so I didn't note any flaws or imperfections. I will get to those on my review if there are any :).

This bag is definitely a dainty little thing. While it is a good fit for my size I think it is a bit too small even for me. I would not be able to carry my usual load in this bag so it will most likely be used very little perhaps for those special occasions which sadly is almost nill in my life, too busy for that :(.

I'm going to hang onto it for a few months and if I still haven't used it at least once in that time it will probably end up in the trade section but we'll see.

I am trying to find the authentic version of this bag on one of the high end department stores online. I don't know anything about YSL bags so I have no clue how good a replica this is. I can only note the quality of the leather, hardware and the details and workmanship that went into the construction.

I plan to buy the authentic version to do a separate review of a side by side comparison. So far I have checked the YSL website and Neiman Marcus but can't find it in this color and size. I'm not sure if that means it is out of stock or if this color combo in the mini was never made. I just saw it in the larger size here (thanks to Susan):

If I can't this exact model I will just purchase one in a different color of the same style and do the comparison based on the materials alone. If any of you know where I can buy the authentic version of this bag online please send me the URL.

This is my first YSL bag but I am starting to realize this brand is becoming very popular. I have received numerous emails from readers asking where they can buy a good replica and I'd love to recommend Jess for this. It really does look like a great bag but I know you'd be more convinced if you saw a side-by-side review :).

So for this post I am just showing you the pictures from Jess's website. If you are interested and cannot wait for my review you can buy this bag from Jess here:

Below are the pictures from her website:

And here are pics of the actual bag taken by Susan herself. The last picture shows a mod shot of how the bag fits her. Remember she is 5',9" so she's quite a bit taller than I am even with my 5" heels lol.

Adorable purse isn't it :). I think it is just the cutest thing ever. Can't wait to show you guys a detailed review and those of you who are not familiar with Jess, I haven't purchased from her direct but I have corresponded with her a few times. She's really a sweetheart just like Mindy and Joy.

And the fact that she accepts CC is a BONUS you'll want to take advantage of before it goes away because I have no doubt in my mind that eventually all sellers will be forced to only accept W/U. PayPal is even worse, they can find a rep seller quite easily based on transactions no matter how discreet.

Also Jess has received rave reviews from our forum members that have purchased from her and I am eyeing a few things on her shop myself. But I must restrain myself. This month (May) I have already purchased 10 bags including this one from Susan so I will have to wait till next month to consider buying anymore but next month is only a week away lol :).

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far, I know I certainly needed the time off :).




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    1. Hi Keith, I received your email and have looked at your site briefly. The prices are very tempting and pics look good but I've never heard of you. Mindy from LuxeforLess emailed me to say that she had spoken to you but she's never purchased from you and none of her clients have either so she could not vouch for your quality. I will send you a more detailed email on what I plan to do before I can list your site. I do not just randomly list seller sites on my recommended seller list without either personal experience or someone I trust who can either vouch or send me reviews of your products. We'll talk more in the email, thanks for commenting :).