Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lots to Look Forward To

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and enjoy what's left of it ;). I know it's been awhile since I've posted but I promise I have TONS of updates to add. I have lots of pics and videos that I will try to upload before the end of today.

The reason why I haven't added them yet is mostly because I've been busy with my real job. We are currently looking to recruit someone to help and I've been looking thru resume's and putting aside ones I think are good possibilities and so forth.

I've also been trying to log into my computer at work to try and catch up on the small things but it just so happens that we had a major storm yesterday and the power went out twice. I didn't hear any thunders or see any lighting so some drunk probably hit a wire somewhere :/.

In addition to those things I've had to do some personal work that does not include my job or the blog that I have been ignoring for far too long so it may be that I might not be able to post anything at all this week but if I don't that only means I will make up for it twice when I do :).

Just to give you something to look forward to, I have pics of another Prada Saffiano Tote from Joy that was purchased for my boss barely a month ago and she changed her mind so I took tons of pics to add it to the "Trade/Barter" section but one of my reader who has become a dear friend (though we've never met) instantly decided to take the bag without seeing it so I have already shipped it to her this past Friday.

But the pics will be posted anyway because I was surprised to find quite a few differences between this bag and my bag which was also purchased from Joy. Joy did tell me that they were purchased from 2 different factories because the one where she got mine was out of stock when I ordered the one for my boss.

The differences were both good and bad. There were some that were better than mine and some that were worse but in the end I have to say I liked mine better mostly due to the issue with the magnetic snap buttons on hers. Mine are both strong and actually stay closed but one of hers (left one I think) will unsnap when in use which is really annoying but is actually very common with reps.

I also took comparison pics and very, very detailed pictures of all my new Balenciaga Bags. Can you believe that I have acquired 8 in just barely a month's time?! Maja is shocked because she knew that Bals were not my thing before I bought hers. She got me addicted to them when she sold me hers from NBF which is still my favorite out of all of them and also happens to be the least expensive ($90 including shipping).

Then I also have a video of my Louis Vuitton Portobello PM from Vanco which I absolutely LOVE but there is one major flaw with the hardware that my husband says he should be able to fix.

And there are many reader submissions that I need to post so if I don't get to any of them by end of today you can trust that there will be tons to see next week ;).




  1. Looking forward to your reviews!

    1. Hey Laura, well got 1 posted and about a zillion more to go lol. J/K but I do have lots to post. I just wish work would slow down enough to let me spend some time on the blog and forum. I think I logged into the forum like 2 times in a whole week which is very unusual for me :(.