Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FallinFashions Has Been Shut Down AGAIN! has been shut down once again. They were shut down June of last year by Chanel and sometime last week by Coach.

They already have a new website up but I do not want to post it until after I obtain her permission to do so. If she okays it I will update the website info.

The quality of her bags are pretty good based on some of my reader's review and reviews by members of the forum. I have to admit her price is a bit higher than what I'm used to paying but I recently got a YSL Mini Cabas in Black & White off a forum member who purchased from them and it was too small for her.

It is quite a dainty bag and though it looks great on my frame it is too small to be practical for me too but I think I'll hold onto it for awhile. If I don't use it after a few months I may end up posting it for trade but we'll see :).

Anyhow, back to the subject, sellers are constantly being shut down but most of them re-open. It is the risk they take when they go into the replica business.

I feel sorry for Jess, the owner of FallinFashion. She seems a sweetie and for her to be shut down twice in less than a year is very unusual. What makes it even more sad is to be shut down by Coach of all brands.

Coach is so inexpensive it doesn't make sense for people to buy a fake one. I own several of their higher priced bags from $700 to $1,200. I dislike their logo canvas bags so if they were to have these leather ones that I have that look almost exact, I would have been tempted to buy but with the majority of their bags averaging $500-$700 for the mid price range I'd rather get the authentic.

I do have her new website but I am keeping it to myself for now. I have sent her an email to see if she wants me to post it here. Once I hear back from her I will make it known one way or another.



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  1. Hi sarah,

    Thanks for the info, will wait to hear from u as i am looking forward to order from jess