Saturday, May 18, 2013

FabAAA Quality Complaints & Issues

I know there have been a lot of customers unhappy with their purchases from Joy lately. I've seen the complaints and although I feel everyone has a right to expect the best I honestly feel some of those expectations are unrealistic considering that we are dealing with replicas and not authentic bags.

I have both and even my Authentic bags have flaws so try to keep that in mind and if possible do a comparison with the authentic to see how much your replica varies. If it's only minor issues like a bad serial #/date stamp that no one will see anyway or the color of the thread is slightly more yellow (for LV), the canvas/leather or hardware not quite as thick, these are all mostly common issues. If you expect 100% mirror quality than I am sorry to say that if they exist I have not seen one yet.

I meant to post this last month but it's been sitting in my draft because I didn't have time to complete it and I wanted to be thorough in my explanation so keep in mind references made in this post was from last month.


Joy has been on a sourcing trip and doing some sort of hosting for an important client. I didn't ask her what this was about so I'm not sure what it means but I know she is understaffed so she has had to do as much as she can between herself and her small crew.

During the time she was gone and keeping busy there have been numerous complaints that she has not been able to respond to right away. Some people expect to always receive prompt replies even the same day in some cases. I don't know about you but I keep busy and sometimes I can't answer an email for several days. I was gone for a couple weeks and while trying to catch up I found emails from over a month ago that I still haven't responded to. This includes work and personal emails.

People don't seem to realize how much emails a seller like Joy receives on a daily basis. She's been in business for a long time and has gained an extensive customer list. I would give her at least a week to reply. I am guessing here but I wouldn't be surprised if she gets 100s of emails a day. Even half that amount would be difficult to keep up with.

So after seeing all the complaints I sent her an email about my Balenciaga bag (the higher price point one) which I felt was possibly the wrong grade. But my main reason for writing was an attempt to cheer her up. I didn't ask if I could share our conversation but I hope she won't mind because I think it is good for people to know these things. So I'll start with my email and then her response.

Be forewarned I always send long emails :). I am one of those people who can't ever seem to find enough words to say what I need to say and get it across without being long winded:


Sent on 4/22/13

Hi Joy, I just want you to know I didn’t have time to take pictures of the Balenciaga bag so I’ll do it this weekend. But I want you to know that even if you did send me the incorrect one I am still happy with it so I won’t be returning it or anything. However if it is the lower priced one sent by mistake you can just add it onto my credit.

Maja posted an email from you regarding preship photos and quality issues. There were a lot of people on the forum that are saying the quality of your products are going downhill. I see a pattern here that whenever there's one bad review others will join in and suddenly there's a whole slew of them. Then a new seller gets a good review and people flock there and it goes round and round.

I've always felt that complaints are louder than praises. People who are happy with their purchases do not always write reviews but you can count on people who are unhappy to definitely post their complaints.

I respect people's opinion regardless of whether I agree or not but I felt inclined to stand up for you so I did. I let everyone know that you are my NUMBER 1 FAVORITE Seller of ALL Time and that I will always be a loyal customer until the day you retire and that in fact I had promised to buy 4-5 bags from you every month just because that is how much I adore you! I also told them I disagree with the quality issues. EVERY SINGLE Seller no matter how popular they are have sold duds now and again. It happens but that doesn't mean your products have gone downhill. You didn't make the bag and I know your team tries their best to inspect the bags before shipping but I'm sure you get many orders and with people being so impatient I can understand how difficult it would be for them to inspect every small detail before shipping. If they did the shipping would be delayed and then you'd get complaints on slow shipping. It's a no win situation for you and that makes me sad.

Some people expect perfection but are not willing to pay for it. I have never been as picky and even on the bags that I found had flaws or damage I have never asked to return them or for a credit or refund except that one time due to the wrong size cosmetic case and that was only because my boss was involved and I don’t want to make her mad.

I am so sorry you are stressed. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed. I work long hours during the week so the weekends are the only time I get to relax but thankfully I enjoy my work so it does not stress me out.

I hope things get better for you Joy. And please DO NOT quit!  If someone isn't happy with their purchase from you let them go and pay more for another seller. You will always have loyal customers such as myself and I will continue to refer people your way. I know several have said they bought certain items from you because of my reviews. I am always honest so if there are flaws I will tell them but usually whatever flaws there are do not bother me. I know how much I’m paying so I don’t expect perfection as long as it looks about 90-95% close to the authentic.

And in regards to preship photos. I will no longer tell people you do this. I didn't realize how often you were getting these requests and how much work it was creating for you. I have never asked for them anyways so for me it's no big deal :).

Get some rest and I just want you to know that I am here to help you in any way I can so do not hesitate to let me know if there is something I can do for you.

Sorry for the very long email, as usual I am a chatterbox :).




Received on 4/23/13

dear Sarah ~ 

you  have no idea how much this letter of yours means to me. .... you are so amazing. i've always felt that beautiful girls do not have to be smart or nice. yet you combine all three traits so perfectly. that's how i genuinely feel about you~!

i am finally done with my trip. i crashed at 8pm and started working at 4. and crashed at 1pm again . it was really hard to pull myself out of the bed i am owing about 290 emails right now. many from upset customers that i did not respond fast enough.  next time .. well there will not be next time that i ever host a visiting client. it's like a whole month of war time. everything was messed up . 

People have to know , there are about 3 or 4 major factories in the market that makes Lv bags. we've ordered from all of them, and we do comparisons of each batch from different factories and always pick the best ones.  some have perfect oxidization leather. some have better logo alignment. some have good side paints. some have less chemical smell.  I wish one factory could have everything all done perfectly but it's just not happening. we have to settle. and sometimes for a whole new batch, they might ordered the wrong hardware and there will be a flood of return and complaints.  one bag, one time, it could really ruin me.  it takes a long time to recover my reputation in newsgroups, forums, and blogs. 

another explanation new sellers are getting better reviews could be because they dont sell extensively like we do. the chance of their orders go wrong is less than ours.  also our reputation sort attracted a lot of detail oriented girls with expectations of perfection in mind. it's getting hard and hard to keep everyone happy . 

again i genuinely appreciate what you do for me.  i feel that you deserve more from me. i will make it up to you one way or another. 




  1. Thank you for posting this. I think sometimes people are so wrapped up in their own needs and instant gratification that they tend to not think about others. Even if I can get the perfect bag but have to deal with bad customer service, I wouldn't buy the bag. To me, good and honest customer service is more important than the quality of the item because you know you can openly discuss it and with good customer service, it will be addressed. I will be buying from Joy really soon for the first time so this is very good to know that I am going to finally deal with a honest seller that cares and isn't out to just get your money.

    1. Hi Pui, I'm glad to hear you will be making a purchase from Joy! If you have time please send me a review and give your honest opinion whether good or bad though I obviously hope it will be good, very very good :).

  2. Thank you for posting this. You can't make everyone happy. People want perfection out of replicas but like you said even authentics are not perfect. I had my share for sure.
    Even the best sellers can't please everyone all the time because we all are looking for different levels of perfection. It was a very nice email to Joy. I feel the same about my seller as well so I understand why you wanted to protect her.

    1. Thank you Victoria! I just feel that out of all the sellers I've dealt with she has been the most honest. Just look at the testimonials on her site is proof enough for me. No other sellers allow negative reviews but she not only allows them she even allowed people to post items for sale which I doubt any other seller would allow as it would be viewed as stealing the seller's customers but Joy is such a sweetheart she didn't put a stop to it until it was discovered someone was scamming people.

  3. Ordered from Joy for the first time a couple of days ago. Their customer service is great. Emails were answered by fast enough considering what I had just read from her response to your email. Emails were answered by Cindy from her team. Great communication -order status are always updated. She provided multiple photos and ensured that I'm happy with what Im getting before actually shipping it. Now that's great customer service! :)

    1. That's wonderful! Please share pictures and your honest review if you have time. I would love to post it on my blog :).

  4. I orderd lv bag from joy and I love the bag. Customer services was excellent and shipping was quick. thank you joy.
    I will be ordering again. also thank you sarah for telling me about joy, just like you i love bags.

  5. Where can I find Joys site? Is it still running?