Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Perfect Example of Authentic Bag w/Flaws

Here is another great example of how even Authentic Bags have flaws. I have a whole post on this so I will add this there as well but wanted to make a new post for those of you that have already read it so you only read the new additions.

This was submitted by Victoria who is a reader and a member of our forum.


Victoria's Comments:

Hi Sarah,
I know you are busy with all the submissions.
I just want to share with you some photos of the hardware from my authentic hermes gold 35cm birkin with gold hardware. The photos are showing two locks one that faded after gentile wear and the other that cost me about two hundred dollars to replace. They are both gold but one looks almost silver.The other photos are showing a plate that came away from the leather strap that you close the bag with. Since it is authentic i am living with this and refuse to have the bag sent to a spa which will cost lots of money but i am sure like everyone else if it was a replica i would think the whole world now knows its a fake and would be bothered it. So you see even 10,000 dollar bags have issues including loose stitching, stamps missing on straps and even some leather rips which I have seen ladies on the other forum complain about.

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