Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wholesale Bags on AliExpress will HONOR Sale Price!!!

Hey everyone! I just want those of you who missed the sale that I had advised one of our members who missed the sale to email the seller (Angela) to ask if she would honor the sale price and Angela replied she would. So even though the sale was over you can still get the sale price if you ask.

If you still want to buy you can do the same or you can wait for the next sale which will probably be in a few weeks ;).

Here is the link to the seller store:

P.S. This is the shop where I got the 3 new Chanels in Black & Yellow Caviar and the Red Patent one I just posted a video for.


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  2. Do they come with serial card and booklet like yours? I went on site and they don't show that it's says chanel?

    1. Yes they all come with serial #, cards and booklets. They can't show these things since AliExpress forbids counterfeit merchandise so that's why it isn't shown.

  3. That’s good to know. Thanks for sharing. You mean I missed a sale session I have to wait for few week to get the next one. Well that’s good.

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