Sunday, April 21, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Artsy GM from Fang

4/22/13 UPDATE: Ang has decided she is going to keep the bag so it is no longer available for trade. Thank you to all those that expressed an interest. I assure you there will be others coming along :).


Here is a lovely replica of the Louis Vuitton Artsy GM in Monogramed Canvas. This item was purchased from Fang by one of our forum members, Ang (aka bellabags).

Ang has decided to put this beauty up for "Trade/Barter" so if you are interested or would like more information please contact Ang directly via the email posted in her message. Or you can contact her through the Forum.

The original post can be found here:
You can simply send her a PM or Email by clicking the link under her username.

Please NOTE: This item is a replica therefore I ask that interested parties DO NOT post comments offering to buy it. If you do they will be DELETED without notice. If you are interested in this item please contact Ang directly via the forum link above.

Disclaimer: I offer courtesy listings in the "Trade/Barter" section to my readers and forum members. If you decide to trade with someone other than myself than please understand that I am not liable for any issues that may arise.  I DO NOT screen people so I cannot vouch for their integrity and will not be able to help resolve disputes that may occur. You will be dealing with a stranger online so use common sense and take necessary precautions. I am only liable for myself so please keep that in mind before committing to a trade and be sure to ask all questions and request additional pictures (if desired) before making your decision.


Ang's Message:
Im still not sure on whether i should trade this or not, so im Testing the waters! I got this from fang 3 days ago and haven't worn it yet. I'm in love with the size and shape. I added two coats of olive oil and have been placing it under the sun to get some color. I'm really impressed with the color of the hardware, the stitching and the color of the canvas. I'm not happy with the creasing. I know some authentic artsys do crease (thanks to YouTube, tpf and you lovely people) but I'm not a fan of it. I paid 193$,so ideally I'd like to trade for something of equal value including including shipping in the US. Let me know if you are interested. I'll provide more pictures if needed.

Email:  XXX (bag is no longer available)


  1. hi sarah!
    i loooooooooooove your blog! thanks for all that u do! i just registered for the forum. how do i get approved? my username is starburst ;)


  2. this is a good bag. I am glad for your blog because it really helps us. we all love reps so very much, but it is hard to know what you will get. I got the same bag and I felt bad about the braid because it was not as smooth as others i have seen and thought about buying another. I paid about the same as this one from fang so am in no hurry to spend again trying to get a better one. now that I see the pics here, i guess i am more happy with what i have, i don't think i will really get it more close to authentic. if anyone is interested in trading for this, i say go for it because it is not disappointing. you will be pleased once you see in person. :)

    1. to be clear, i think this bag is beautiful and looks a lot like what I have. this post made me happier with what i have. creasing is the same too, but what can you do?!? :)

  3. i sorry i dont understand very much of this but i ear a lot of people talking about fake LV from Fang, what is that? i would lik to buy a LV from fang, can you explain to me?

  4. Who is Fang I'd like to place an order.
    Please email me