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Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull PM

This is a review on my LV Damier Ebene Neverfull PM from Joy. I just logged into my account on Joy's site to check on when I purchased this bag. It was purchased on August 30, 2012 so I have had it for 6 months now.

I have only used it twice in that time. The first time I used it was about a month after I received it and I remember it was raining hard that day but I thought I would be safe with this bag because it is made of coated vinyl so the rain should not cause any damage. Unfortunately the inside is made of a textile fabric and since the bag cannot be closed (no zipper) it got rained in. I didn't even have an umbrella that day so I ran from my car to the front door of my work. It literally took me less than a minute but still I got soaked and my poor bag now has a water stain. I thought it would dry and go back to normal but it's been several months and the stain is still there.

The second time I carried it was yesterday (Friday) to work because I was going to take a picture for the Forum on the "What Bag are you carrying today?" thread. But I never got the chance due to being so busy.

I did however take LOTS of pictures and also did a video review today so you will be able to see every nook and cranny of this bag. If you're interested in buying this bag from Joy I suggest you look at both the video and the pictures and be sure to read the written comments to get the whole picture. As always I will point out any imperfection I notice.


So let's start with the video. First let me just say that I took pictures first and there were some kind of white smudges all over the leather and canvas. I don't know what caused it and I should have tried to clean it off before taking the pictures but I was tired and just lazy lol.

However when I shot the video I used some Coach Leather Conditioner and applied a small amount to a wash cloth and gently wiped the smudges and it came off easy as cake. It was like wiping dust off with wood polish spray. Very strange. I wanted to point this out because I don't want you to think they are 2 different bags. You will not see the smudges in the video but they are in the pictures.

And below are pictures that were taken today. I have seen the authentic bag at the Louis Vuitton Store here in Atlanta so I can give a fairly accurate rating on how this replica compares.

NOTE: You can click on any of the images for a larger picture.

Here is the front of the bag. I put it on a door handle so I can show what it looks like with the handles straight It is supposed to be straight but the replicas always seem to curl for some reason. In this picture the bag is cinched closed and it is loaded with my things.

This is also the front of the bag. As you can see the handles are warped. I tried to intertwine them together in an attempt to keep them standing upright but it didn't work so well.

This is how the handles look when they are left to their own device. The brown color of the leather is accurate. Even though I did not compare it side by side I did compare it to the leather of my authentic Trevi and it is the exact shade of brown.

This is still the front of the bag but with the handles pulled up so you can see the leather tabs that are attached to the handles. The canvas is not as thick as the authentic. It is not a huge difference but enough so that someone who is familiar with this bag would know it is a replica simply by touch.

The front and back are identical which is true of an authentic.

Here is a close-up of the Left leather tab on the Front of the bag. There are a few double stitching here and some wrinkling of the straps. I do not remember if the bag came with the wrinkles but since I've only used it twice I can't imagine it would cause this.

However, the good news is that the handles on an authentic bag will wrinkle as well over time.

Still the front of the bag but this is the middle part showing the stitching and the Louis Vuitton Stamping. Other than the thickness the texture of the canvas is perfect.

And here is the leather tabs on the Right side of the Front of the bag. The straps on this side has some wrinkling as well but much less than the Left side.

Here is the Bottom Left Corner of the bag still from the Front.

The middle section on the Bottom of the bag from the Front.

And the bottom Right corner from the Front of the Bag.

This is just a view of the canvas from the front. The squares are the same size and color of the Sistina Wallet and the DE Cosmetic Pooch that were also purchased from Joy.

Here is one side of the bag. The next 12 pictures are all from the same side but showing close ups of different parts and some with the ties left down like below and some with it pulled up.

This is a close up of the leather piece that slides up and down on the ties to change the shape of the bag. It is double stitched and slides up and down the ties smoothly and actually stays put. Some replicas do a poor job of this part and so it slides down on it's own.

I just want to note here that I do not pay attention to stitch count or monogram placement so I do not know if the double stitching is true of the authentic. But it would not bother me if it isn't true.

Here you can see the D ring that the side ties are attached to. The gold hardware are plated and are consistent. The stud you see here is engraved on both sides with Louis Vuitton but it is a very faint engraving and this is accurate of the authentic.

In this picture the gold color appears slightly different but that is only the picture. In person they are the same shade of gold. I think it's just the lighting hitting a certain part more than other areas.

Stitching on this side is nice and neat. There are no crooked stitching, no fraying or loose threads.

This just shows the bottom of the side ties hanging down. If you look at the little gold ring at the bottom is curled in. I have tried to straighten it out but it is really stiff so it may or may not straighten out over time.

Here is a close up of the leather piece an d the D ring. As you can see the leather piece that slides up and down are stitched but it is also glued. It was done very well and feels quite sturdy.

Here I have simply tucked the handles inside the bag so you can see more of the seams and the canvas. If you look at the seams going down you will notice that the checkers do line up pretty good. The squares may appear to be different sizes but that is only because of the angle the picture was taken. They are all the same size.

Here you can see a cut in the leather trim which is then stitched and possibly glued as well. This part is actually done better than on the authentic one I saw at the store. The cut is aligned with the seams going down whereas the authentic one I saw the cut was about a half inch past the seams.

There is a little Red showing through the canvas here. It may be a tiny hole or stitch??? Not sure.

This is the back side of the bag. As you can see it is identical to the front. Please disregard the smudges shown on the leather and the canvas. I don't know what caused it but it came off as easy as dust when I applied a Coach Leather Moisturizer using a small wash cloth. If you saw the video you will notice those smudges are gone and the canvas/leather looks as good as new again :).

Here is the Left side of the Back of the bag showing a close up of the leather tabs. Again there is some double stitching here.

Here's the middle part. The stitching is perfectly in the center of the leather trim.

This is the Right side of the top corner still on the Back side of the bag. Again please disregard the smudges shown here and on the canvas.

This is the bottom Left side of the bag on the Back side.

This is the Middle of the bottom of the bag on the back side.

Here is the Right bottom corner on the back of the bag .

And this is the other side of the bag. The checkers do not line up on this side as they do on the other side. But remember that even on authentic bags they do not always line up either.

The next 10 pictures are all of the same side of the bag but from different angles and close ups of certain details.

You can see there is a few red showing through the canvas here but it is super tiny so in person they are invisible. The checkers here obviously are not aligned.

You can see how off the alignment is in this picture but there is no cut in the leather trim here.

Here I have removed all the contents inside the bag and laid it flat. This is the front of the bag. There is a base shaper inside which is why the bottom still retains it's shape.

And here is the back side.

And the base of the bag. The checkers do line up pretty well from the front and  the back where they meet at the seams of the bottom of the bag.

The next 6 pictures will show you all 4 corners of the bag as well as the middle on the top and bottom of the base so you can see clearly how the checkers align all around.

Top Left corner

Top Middle section

Top Right corner

Bottom Left Corner

Bottom Middle section.

Bottom Right corner.

Here's a shot from above showing the alignment of the base all around. The next 9 pictures will show close ups of the same view as well as the other side and close ups of that side as well. I want to give as much detail as possible so you can will see EVERYTHING :).

On both sides of the base the checkers do not line up at all. This is also true of the authentic.

Here is a picture showing what I have inside the bag. It may be a small bag but it can hold quite a bit. I can even fit my iPad in there.

The stitching shown here on the leather trim are really sloppy but thankfully it is on the inside.

The zipper pull is embossed with the LV logo on both sides. Unfortunately the zipper does not work very well. When I first got this bag it did not work at all but after pulling it back and forth slowly and very impatiently lol for about half an hour I finally got it to work but it still does not run smoothly.

I've read that you can fix this by using candle wax. I'll have to remember to get some the next time I go to the grocery store and the only time I go nowadays is when I need to make a Western Union payment for more purses LOL.

This bag closes with the clasp shown here. It is engraved on both sides with the LV Logo. Unfortunately the metal feels cheap and light. I cinched it in some of the pictures but when I would not do this when I carry the bag for fear it will snap off with any pressure.

Here's the other side of the clasp.

And here is the stamping which is Red. The authentic is also Red but it is much cleaner than the one shown here. The circle around the R is thick on top and thin on the bottom and the stamping itself is already starting to fade after only a few months and only used twice.

There are 3 of these gold studs on the interior and all are engraved lightly with Louis Vuitton.

There are 2 of these rings, one on each side of the bag. I'm not sure what it's for but I believe it can be used for your keys.

Here you can see I have a clear plastic base shaper on the bottom. I LOVE this shaper! It makes a HUGE difference in the shape of your bag. Without it the bottom of the will sag when you have it loaded and it does NOT look good!

I bought the shaper on eBay for about $18 including shipping. They have them cheaper but I went with this company because high ratings and they have been in business for many years with 1,000s of positive reviews!

Here is what the bottom looks like without the base shaper. There is a little water stain on the base from when I carried it in a rain storm the first time I used it. I thought it would eventually dry and go back to normal but it looks like it's going to be permanent :(.

The interior is lined in a bright red textile fabric that feels very course and has the flower monograms in between stripes. The fabric is not quite as thick as the authentic but it is thick enough for me. It feels like it would not tear easily and can take abuse without falling apart.

This bag has only 1 large zipper pocket shown here. The zipper pull is not the same color as the teeth of the zipper. However, I have seen this on authentic bags as well though I am not sure about this particular bag. My authentic Gucci and authentic Balenciaga both have hardware that are slightly off.

This is a picture of the inside of the pocket. I believe it is made of plastic. I did not check the pocket when I was at the LV store because I thought it is the same textile fabric inside and out. So at first I thought this was a flaw but one of our forum member, Kim, just told me that her authentic Neverfull has the plastic inside the pocket too so that is great news!

I would never have thought LV would use plastic on any part of their products. That is terrible for the authentic due to the prices but great news for the replicas because it means it is not a flaw :).

The serial # also known as the date code is underneath the pocket on the Right corner. It has the correct format but I'm not sure if this code exists. For me I do not care whether a date stamp exists or not but I know it matters to some of you so just wanted to point this out.

Here is the underside of the pocket pulled outside of the bag. As you can see all the monograms are aligned perfectly across.

And here are a few shots of the straps from different parts and close ups of certain details. I shot all around it so there are lots of pictures. The stitching looks good for the most part and the straps themselves feel nice and sturdy but they do feel slightly thinner than the authentic version.

This picture shows you the thickness of the straps.

Here's a really close-up shot of the straps and you can see there are some minor fraying of the thread. This is not visible in person. This picture is super magnified so that is the only reason you can see it.

And here's a picture of the base shaper. I love the fact that it is clear so you can still see the bottom of your bag :).

And here are some pictures of me modeling this bag. As you can see it really looks good on my petite frame. For reference I am 5',1" tall (5',6" in this picture due to 5 inch heels lol) and 95lbs with measurements of 32C-24-33.

If you are wondering why my face is blurred when I have never bothered to do this before it is because I woke up with 2 HUGE zits, one on my nose and another on my chin - I look like a witch! It was grotesque and I am vain enough not to want anyone to see it lol.

Overall I would rate this bag an 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I am happy with the bag especially for the price I paid ($84 + shipping) but it is not a Mirror Image. So far I have not been fortunate enough to get a Mirror Image 1:1 bag so I am starting to think they do not exist lol. But it may also be due to the fact that I am only buying from the lower price range.


  1. HI! I have a mirror image GM size neverfull and I too am experiencing the white smudges which appear out of no where. I wipe it off and it comes back within a few days. Your bag is beautiful! Enjoy

    1. Hi Danny, it's good to know I'm not the only one. Considering I've only carried this bag twice and other than getting caught in the rain that first time I've taken very good care of it so it's a mystery where those smudges come from :/.

  2. Hello! Just wondering what is the direct link to Joy! I am interested in also buying Chanel. Which buyer has the best quality and if you can send me the link to them too that would be great! LOVE all your videos! xp

  3. Hi there,
    Thanks for the review, this is great!
    I'm wondering how this has held up since you had it from August 2012, it's now Jan 2014, so 17 months now. Also, I've touched two types, some that a local seller claims is made with plastic edges/piping and another with leather edges. I did see a difference, but the leather is likely not as thick as the real thing. How is yours holding up? is it splitting anywhere? Do you know the type that Joy sells? Also, does this have a rubbery feel? or more like hard plastic? again the ones I touched were like plastic. Finally is the inside lining a cotton fabric or more on the polyester side? The real LV monogram speedy are more of a cotton fabric. Thanks in advance!

  4. I have the same problem on the side of the bag. The checkers do not line up on one side as they do on the other side. The left side of the seam seems to be higher than on the right. It is so obvious.

  5. Yeah, you are right Louis Vuitton bags are much admired these days. I always prefer to purchase used Louis Vuitton bags and purses as this way I save my money and these bags are perfect choice for casual as well as official events.

  6. Hi!
    Are the straps authentic leather?

  7. Hello ,

    I was wondering if you were interested in selling your " Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull PM", that is if you still own it. I noticed you mentioned that you sell some of your purses and that this one got wet and has water stains on it.

    I have been looking for a replica and have yet to find one. Please let me know if you are interested.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you in advance,