Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Brookyn MM from Trevor

4/6/13 UPDATE: Trevor sent another email to update this review. I copied and pasted below.

Sorry that last email was from my iphone so i couldn't really type everything I wanted to say. So before we start off this I really was looking at lux7stars reviews and they seemed great so i tried them. I ordered the brooklyn GM and it came all nice in the bag blahblah. I looked at the site compared to my bag and noticed that the site used gold colors for the font and date code and not red (which my color had red). So i dont know how that didn't make me think it was that bag. So then i browsed LV tonight looking for new stuff to order from joy and noticed that the bag that was sent wasnt the brooklyn GM. I am so pissed and embarssed to even wear the bag out anywhere!!!!!!! I don't know how I could have let the back leather slip my mind! I really didn't notice until tonight!!!! Now bevan wont even email me back, you don't understand how pissed I am. I do have a review for another thing from bevan aswell as a damier keep all 55 for you that i'll send in soon. Im just so mad right now :\


Below is my original post and Trevor's initial review:

Trevor sent me an email to let me know this bag is NOT the Brooklyn. He feels that Lux7Star sent him the wrong bag because the one on the LV site does not look exactly like this. I'm not familiar with the Brooklyn at all nor have I ever seen this bag before so I'm no help here. If any of you are familiar with this bag I would love to hear from you :).


Trevor's Comments:

Hello there --

My names Trevor, and recently I bought my first Louis Vuitton bag off of an online site. Prior to this I did some research on some well known great quality replica sites. I saw a bit from PV and some for Lux7Star (Luxuriouspurse.com). I decided to go for the Lux7Star site and saw amazing photos which most looked like mirror replicas. I decided to go with the Brooklyn GM because I needed a good bag where I can hold all of my stuff. I received the package a week after the order was placed. Thankfully this site lets you sned money with paypal and not be all sketchy with western union. Anyway here are the photos of the GORGEOUS bag!

When opening the package (which was a bit crushed thanks to the shipping) the bag was in a bubble wrapped baggy. I opened it to see a replica LV dustbag. I have to say it was pretty close to the same material LV really uses. The lettering on the dustbag was not the same though. I actually just bought a Daniel GM from canal street in newyork and it was the worst purchase ever so I was a bit afraid of seeing how this bag was going to look like. To my surprise it was FANTASTIC. I absolutely love it and recommend this site to anyone!

I also just purchased a keep all 55 from Joy and ill email you soon with that!

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