Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Replica DE Portobello PM & Wallet from Vanco

Boy was I happy to see these pictures! If you've been following my blog you'll know that I have been coveting the Portobello PM for awhile now and really wanted to get it from Joy but she has been out of stock and I didn't know when she will get them in so I ordered it from Vanco which is on it's way and hopefully will be here by the end of this week or middle of next week at the latest.

I was worried it would not look too good as I haven't been impressed with the LV items from Vanco but these pictures look great so I'm hoping mine will look just as nice!

These items are new arrivals for one of our forum member. I posted the original thread on the forum here:

It was brought to my attention that this bag should have a leather pull tab on the zipper. However, I do not see this on the LV website but I was told that LV does not always post accurate pictures on their site. I have heard this before from the women on TPF and had always assumed they made it up to throw off the replica manufacturers but perhaps I am wrong because I have seen this bag posted on well known authentic resources showing the leather tab.

But just to appease my own curiosity I plan to visit the LV store this weekend to check out the Multicolor Annie and the Rivington Cabas so I'll just ask to look at this one as well while I'm there. I will update you on whether or not this is accurate. But this info came from Kim (aka PurseLover23) whom I trust and she says she has seen this bag in person at the LV boutique.

I'm hoping that perhaps it comes both with and without. If it comes with and mine does not I will be pretty upset considering I waited so darn long for my order :(. But we shall see!


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