Friday, April 5, 2013

Preloved Sully MM from Joy

A fellow forum member, Eva (aka eyelovelv) just posted some pictures of her beautiful Louis Vuitton Monogram Sully MM which she got from another forum member. I just "traded" my PM away but seeing these pictures makes me want to get another one LOL. I might do it anyway but get the MM this time. Oh and the charm looks GREAT!!! I need to start buying some of those :).

Eva's Comments:

This is a really really cute bag but idk if I'm loving it or not :( She may end up back on the Trade section lol. she is....bag charm is also from Joy.


  1. Hi Sarah, recently discovered your blog and YouTube. I love it! So glad I found you! I am eyeing up the Alma in black Epi and the black Sofia Coppola bag in black lambskin on Joy's site. The prices are great however I haven't seen any reviews on these leathers only the canva's, would you recommend getting these bags from Joy? I want them to be really good, especially the LV Sofia Coppola bag.
    I would really appreciate your help :)

    1. Hi Bethan, I've heard the EPI leather are not great but I don't have any myself so I can't confirm. But I've seen really good reviews on the Sofia Coppola bag so I think you're safe there. But I will say that how good they are will depend on your expectations. Some buyers have unrealistic expectations not just for replicas in general but even for the authentic bags because neither one is perfect.

      If you do order you can ask Joy and her team for pre-shipment photos. LV canvas bags are the most popular so there are tons of reviews on them.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Love your site!! Its helped me so much! Thanks for all that you do! I have a question about the Sully MM.

    I just purchased ome from supera and just by looking at it, it looks great! My only complaint is that it isnt slouching the way I expected it to (I purchased it mainly because its suppose to be slouchy) and the zippers are a bit stiff. Do you know if this one by joy had the same issue and I just need to give it time? Or should I expect this to stay like this?