Saturday, April 6, 2013

NEW Seller Feature - Meet Mindy of LuxeforLess!!!

One of my readers, Andrea, who had previously submitted a review of her lovely Chanel referred her seller, Mindy of LuxforLess, to my blog.

Mindy emailed me a couple days ago and she is an absolute sweetheart! Many of her buyers have had nothing but praises for both the quality of her products as well as her amazing customer service!

I really enjoyed chatting with her the last few days. And though I haven't had any personal experience buying from her (not yet but that may change soon!) I have browsed her website and the quality looks great but here are the things I like about her best and why I feel she would be a great seller to buy from:

1)  Mindy speaks perfect English so there is very little chance of misunderstanding due to language barrier. This is a HUGE BONUS for me because it can get so frustrating when dealing with someone who doesn't understand you and vice versa.

2)  She enjoys bantering with her customers back and forth and getting to know them. It shows she cares about her customers and not just interested in making a sale! She is a member of our forum as well so feel free to stop by and show her some love!

3)  She is honest about her products. She doesn't claim to have the best quality and admits that her prices are not always competitive because some products are only available to her through a middle person. Other sellers in China can buy directly from the supplier so they can offer a lower price.

4)  If she doesn't have the product you're looking for or is unable to stay within your budget she will refer you to another seller that can accommodate you. How many sellers would freely give business to another seller??? None that I've heard of so far LOL.

5)  Her products look great! I haven't looked through all of them but I've seen enough to want to know more :). And if you have any questions on a particular item feel free to contact her before purchasing and she will be happy to give you her honest opinion.

6)  She has lots of positive reviews from her existing buyers. I did a little searching and honestly could not find one negative review!

What more can you ask for in a seller!? So I have added her to my "Recommended Seller List" and encourage you to check out her products.

If you do buy from her please share your experiences with us. If you like her products leaving a positive review of your experience and referring others to her is the best way to thank her!!!

So here are her website details:


Her site requires a password which she provided me but has asked that all new buyers email her directly for their own and allow her a little bit of screening. If you already have a password please do not share them with others!

Her email is

And lastly, Mindy is from Australia but postage there is not cost efficient so she ships from China with the help of her partner. I mistakenly posted previously that she shipped from Australia but she cleared this up with me so I apologize for any confusion.

Have fun!!!



  1. Hi Sarah

    She's not answering my email.
    I want the password of her website because I am from Australia too.

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    1. Sorry - I think I have replied now :)

    2. Thanks Mindy! And girls please give her a few days to respond. Just like us life sometimes throw a ball and makes it hard for us to respond right away :).

  3. I just made my 2st replica purchase with Joy using WU. It was not a pleasant experience. If you want details I can share upon request. I really hope her bags are with the extra time and money to get them. Maybe I'm Just spoiled by making easy credit card purchases. Question: which of your recommended sites accepts major credit cards?

    1. Hi Mar, can you say why it wasn't a good experience? I know it's inconvenient but that's hardly the sellers fault. Currently Jess of FallinFashions2, all AliExpress sellers, Fang, Vanco and I think David of e2pop all accepts CC but I really think that soon all sellers will not be able to do so. CC regulations have gotten really strict and it's not hard for them to catch rep sellers and terminate their account.

  4. Hey how do I get a password for Mindys website :)

    1. Please read the post. Instructions were included :).

  5. I tried emailing Mindy for about a week now or so but haven't heard from her yet(I think she's pretty busy at the moment) Hopefully I'll hear from her soon as I'm dying to get a new bag hopefully from her as we are both from oz!:)

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  7. Her website is shutdown I cant go check it.