Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Vanco Order FINALLY Shipped!!!

So after a month and a half of waiting for my last order from Vanco and going back and forth with Bobo with loooong delays in between due to his slow responses he has FINALLY sent me a tracking #. My order was originally for 5 items and there was 1 item left (the Red PST) which was not available at the time of shipping so he sent the 4 items that were available and said the PST would ship in 5 days after it is manufactured.
It was almost a whole month later before he finally replied to my email to let me know that the PST was still in production and may take much longer because it was not a very popular style.
So I asked him to cancel the PST and placed a new order for 5 more items. He sent me an invoice right away but I buggered him twice before paying to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure the items are in stock before I pay because I DO NOT want to go through this again!
He assured me the items were in stock so I went ahead and paid. Well 2 weeks later I get an email that one of the item (a maroon Chanel) was not in stock. Literally his email said:
hello, thank you for your email.

when we checked the bag, it is in stock. but when you sent payment, the factory sold out.

CHANEL 30177 maroon lambskin shoulder bag
Price: USD109

No apologies were made for the inconvenience or the delayed response and shipping. This is how bad customer service is with Vanco. It is really sad that sellers would treat their customers this way especially one who has bought so much and have referred so many others to them who have also purchased as well.
Anyway I sent him a LONG list of items to choose from because I didn't want to go back and forth so I figured if I sent him a long list at least one of the items on that list will be in stock.
I got an email this morning that the 1st item on my list which was a Light Gray Balenciaga is available so he has shipped my order and sent tracking. Thank GAWD!!!
So my current order with Vanco includes the following:
1)  Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Portobello PM - Price $85
I was hoping to buy this from FabAAA but Joy is out of stock at the moment and has been for awhile and I really wanted this bag so I am taking a chance with Vanco. The reason why I say taking a chance is because I have not been very impressed with his LV bags. Other buyers seem to be happy with theirs but for some reason it does not look all that great to me. It may be just the picture though so I'm hoping I am wrong but we shall see.

2)  Orange Yellow Balenciaga - Price $105.00
I think this is the Classic because it looks similar to the authentic one I got from Neiman Marcus with the tassels and the handle rope detail. The color looks more yellow than orange to me which is exactly what I am hoping to get :).

3) Light Gray Balenciaga - Price $105.00
I think this is also the Classic style. I love the light gray color, it will go with just about everything. I just hope it doesn't get dirty too easily :). The hardware looks like aged brass but I can't tell for sure.

4)  Louis Vuitton Bag Charm - Price $29.00
I'm not sure what this is called. I have only purchased one charm from Joy in the past which I still have not used over a year later lol but these colors really appeal to me so hopefully I will put them to use  :).

5)  Louis Vuitton Antiqued Brass Charm w/Rhinestones - Price $29.00
I saw this charm on the LV website and I think it was over $300!!! I also saw it on Joy's site but it was a bit more pricy and since it is only a charm I went with the lower price point on Vanco. If it isn't good it won't be a big deal to me.

I think my shipping for all the above came to $55.00 which is a lot less than what Joy charges but Joy has way better service so it is worth paying more. I would have ordered from her if she had had the Portobello in stock :(.

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  1. please keep us updated on the Vanco Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Portobello PM