Saturday, April 6, 2013

My FabAAA Order - Part 3


I received an email notice from Cindy of FabAAA that the Navy Balenciaga Bag I chose to replace the bags not in stock which she previously said was available is actually NOT available, not in the silver hardware anyway.

See this is why it is best to get stock info BEFORE placing your order. I've gone back and forth several times now trying to figure out which items are available and fits within the amount I paid on the original order. It's not Cindy's or Joy's fault because they get the info from the factory so they're acting as a middle man passing that onto me.
Anyway she did say it is available with gold hardware so I went ahead and okayed it. Part of my order is already on it's way to me so they will pick up the Navy Bal and ship it out on Monday.

So here is the final verdict on my order with pictures posted below:

1)  Purple Patent Balenciaga City Bag w/Gold HDW (already shipped)
2)  Navy Lambskin Balenciaga City Bag w/Gold HDW (will ship Monday)
3)  White Multicolor Canvas Annie MM (will ship Monday)
4)  White Multicolor Canvas Cosmetic Case (already shipped)
5)  White Multicolor Canvas Wallet (already shipped)


I have a credit left over of a little over $100 after this so I am already trying to figure out what else to get next. There are lots on my wish list but it's so hard trying NOT to get them all at once LOL.


  1. I want to ask you a question about joys website because it seems unavailable and here you said we can contact you. However I am unsure how to send you a e-mail since you don't seem to have it posted. Please write back. Love your Work

    1. Hi Noelle, my email is You can always find it on the "About Me" page listed at the very bottom. Scroll to the top and click on the menu tab and you'll find that page and the email is listed there.

      Joy's site is still working fine. But if you are trying to get to her old site it has been shut down over a year ago. Her new site is You can always find all the sellers I recommend and those recommended by people I trust under the "Recommended Seller List". Just click on the menu tab at the top of the page.

      What was the question that you had about Joy?