Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kim's Haul from Bevan of Lux7Star

For those of you who are not aware, Lux7Star was shut down by Louis Vuitton but they have opened a new site at The person running this site goes by the name Bevan and he is the one you would be dealing with should you purchase from this site.

This post is a review by Kim (aka PurseLover23) to share her purchase from Lux7Star. Unfortunately it is not a good one and she is quite upset and disappointed with the quality of her products. 

If you are interested in buying from this seller I suggest you take a good look at the photos below and read what Kim has to say about her experience and the products.


Kim's Comments:

So I just got my order from Bevan (lux7star) I ordered the black Multicolor cosmetic pouch and a white multicolor business card holder.

The first thing I opened was the black multicolor cosmetic pouch. There are a few things that are off about this item #1 the leather tabs on the side are wayyyyyyy too long, #2 the interior color is WRONG it is RED it's supposed to be PINK! UGH! 

Needless to say I won't be keeping this item so it will be posted for s***. I paid $42 plus shipping for this thing! :hair: 

The next item is the white multicolor business card holder, that is ok and I will probably use it, I am no expert in white multicolor but some of the colors seem to be bleeding just a bit.

Overall my opinion on Bevan is this......I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH HIM AGAIN! How can you tell me that everything is 1:1 when it is not! Ridiculous!

The pics will speak for themselves

I'd like to say that I personally don't think the items look all that bad but then again I am not an expert in the multicolor line because I've never really been a fan of them. I did recently order the White Multicolor Annie with matching wallet and cosmetic pouch. I received the accessories yesterday but the bag is still en route so I'll do a review of those once I get them.

In the meantime based on this review and several others I have seen I would be wary about ordering from this seller. He does accept PayPal which is a bonus because if anything goes wrong you can file a dispute and get your money back.

But he's not honest about his products. He told Kim and other buyer's whenever questioned that his products are 1:1 Mirror Image and as you can see they are not.

I would probably be ok with what Kim got but I'd be pretty upset to find the products don't match up to the authentic when I was promised they would. So buyers BEWARE!!!


  1. Beware of this site
    I have ordered a few bags before and I have noticed a trend of the handbag handles never matching the original (too short or too long or so stff, no matter how hard I try it sits awakward) Bevan just keeps on reassuring that it is an exact 1:1 copy.. NOT THE CASE
    I have lost quite alot and being not so knowledgable before, I looked past many things but at a second look, there are so many flaws

  2. I've gotten quite a few really cute "LV" bags from him. He's nice and very considerate. I can guarantee you if you had contacted him (nicely) he would have done something for you. Plus...what did you expect?! You're getting a $100 bag that SHOULD cost hundreds. If you want the real thing, BUY the real thing.

    1. Liz, while I appreciate your comment I do see why Kim was upset. She was promised the item would be 1:1 and it wasn't. I really dislike it when sellers say their products are mirror quality or 1:1 because I have yet to see a replica that is EXACTLY like the original.

      Personally I would not have minded what Kim got in this review, I even offered to buy it from her but I think she ended up trading it to Maja.

  3. I have been unable to get a response. I ordered a Monogram Lockett GM for traveling and before I was able to use it for my trip. The Lockett fell off. The Lockett is necessary to close the bag, I would like the Lockett replaced. Can you help?