Monday, April 1, 2013

Issue with Vanco Fashion Website Part 4

This post is a continuation of my previous post which can be found here:


Well after waiting almost 4 full weeks I finally got an email from Bobo updating me on my order which is not much of an update at all.

The Red PST that was supposed to only take 5-7 days is still in Production 24 days later so I have cancelled it and used the credit towards a new purchase which I will post about separately.

I just want to share what I've learned from this experience.

In my email to him I had mentioned that the white Chanel Maxi he sent was scuffed & dirty and asked if I could exchange it. I also sent pictures showing this.

His response was to tell me White is easy to get dirty so I should just clean it.

Gotta laugh at that one LOL.

So what does that tell me? Well, to me it means that if you get stuck with a bad purchase don't bother asking for exchange or refund cause it's not going to happen.

Secondly I asked about Mary's order (which has already delivered) and he replied the order is delivered. No explanation on the delay or lack of response. But he did start the email with "sorry for late resply". It looks like he ignores customer issues or request for order updates until after the order is delivered. This isn't just from Mary's experience but 3 other ladies as well.

So you must wonder why I bothered to still order.

Well to be honest customer service in this industry is lacking all around. Joy is really the only one I've ever dealt with that seems to have her customer's interest at heart.

Bobo's lack of response was frustrating but not unusual and I've dealt with worse. The fact that he did reply regardless of the length of time it took him to do so tells me he isn't out to scam anyone.

And in regards to exchanges/returns I am pretty certain this is rarely offered. Most sellers don't do it period even when their policy says otherwise.

I suspect a lot of those policies are copied from legitimate websites. And unless the seller was paying for the cost of shipping both ways it's just not worth the hassle or expense for me. If you think about it the cost for shipping both ways and to have to pay a 3rd shipping for the replacement would have funded a whole new purchase.

I only asked for an exchange because I thought since I had pictures showing the damage he would offer to take it back and pay shipping. But in my heart I already knew it wasn't going to happen.

So keep in mind that when you buy replica there are risks associated with it. Those risks include but are not limited to the following:

1)  Bad Quality and No replacement offered
2)  Order Seized and No replacement offered
3)  Order Lost and No replacement offered
4)  Damaged and No replacement offered
5)  Item never ships (scammers)
6)  Lack of communication

These are the risks you take when you buy replica. And if you're not willing to accept them than you should stick to buying only authentic or find an honest seller (i.e. Joy) and only buy from them.

I understand these risks and am willing to accept them. I've been buying for 2 years now and though I've never been scammed I've had more than my share of duds and customer service nightmares.

Anyway I had to use the credit up so I ended up buying 4 more bags plus 2 accessories. Hopefully I won't have to wait another month for an order update.

Even though I wasn't happy with this experience I will still continue to buy from him. I know he isn't a scam and I've been happy with the quality of his merchandise (for the most part) and his prices are better than many (especially his Chanel's).

Let's hope Part 5 is the conclusion with me receiving all my items and no more issues :).




  1. Hey Sarah!
    I love your blog I've been following it for weeks, and studying every detail.

    I finally decided on ordering from Vanco because of your posts on their chanel bags. ( i'm looking for good quality chanel bags). I would have ordered from Joy with FAbaaa , however she doesn't offer chanel on the site.

    Long story short, I ordered the bag last night and already have the tracking number. I ordered the 120$ chanel GST tote.
    If you're interested I can send you pics when it arrives, and a short review on how awful Vanco customer service seems to be, lol. Quite understandable as their line of work is selling replica bags, and profit, and not being friendly.


    1. Hi Allie, sorry for the delayed response. I've been MIA for a bit so I'm behind. I would LOVE to see your pics and review so please feel free to send them to I am behind on emails so it may take a few days for me to get back to you but I'd definitely like to see them and share your review here :).

  2. Ooh forgot to add that I paid by western union, for the 6% discount, including the 35$ shipping and western union fee the total came up to 169 $.

    1. Next time insist on a 10% discount. He has always given me 10 regardless of how many I've ordered. I mistakenly said 15% on a few comments or postings. Got them confused with another seller so you'll have to excuse me. When you buy so much it's easy to get things mixed up :).