Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dishonest Members on Our Forum Will Not Be Tolerated

It was brought to my attention that a member on our forum is a moderator of another forum. This is not a big deal, we have members who are also members of many other forums which is perfectly fine. We welcome everyone as long as they are not here to create problems. However this particular member (whom I will refer to as Mary) listed a Bag in the "Trade" Section that she had previously listed on the forum where she is a moderator.

I had posted on the thread indicating I was interested and was considering making an offer. But then I received a PM from another member (whom I will refer to as Jessie). She warned me not to buy from "Mary". Apparently the item listed had faulty parts that were not included in her listing. "Mary" has the same username on the other forum and has listed the same bag there but with disclosure on the faulty part which is probably why she was unable to sell it. In her post she mentioned that she took it to a cobbler to have it fixed but was informed that it was temporary and would not last. This piece of info should have been disclosed for potential buyers so she was being dishonest by not including it in her description.

I DO NOT just take anyone's word as truth because people do LIE. However with the screen shot of the posting on the other forum showing "Mary's username which happens to be the same on our forum, I believe "Jessie" is telling the truth. She also gave me one other member's username who is also a moderator on the same forum and went on to say that both these members are major bullies on the other forum.

Kim has banned "Mary" for being dishonest and I agree with her. We do not want dishonest people here. Not disclosing a defect because she herself was unaware is one thing but she was obviously well aware and intentionally hid it. "Jessie" also told me that "Mary" joined our forum to keep an eye on members from her forum to make sure they are not giving out seller's info and for those that were discovered doing this are banned from her forum.
Kim and I find this utterly REDICULOUS! This isn't elementary school people and there's no need to "Protect Sellers". I have let all sellers know about my blog and forum. At least 5 sellers have given their approval and are very happy to be featured. Those that have not responded I will assume they are ok with it otherwise if they were afraid I would think they'd be quick to let us know. All it takes is just one email from them to have their info removed and we will respect their wishes.

Anyway, after discussing this with Kim, she asked me to make this post to ask all our members who are aware of other members here specifically to "Spy" or cause Drama/Trouble to please let one of the admins or moderators know. Feel free to either contact me, Kim, Maja or one of the moderators you are most comfortable with and we will respect your wishes if you want to remain anonymous so we will not disclose this even to other admins/moderators. However, please DO NOT point fingers without having some sort of proof to back this up, like in this scenario a screen shot was sufficient.

And finally, I want to thank the good Samaritan member who alerted me to this situation. We appreciate members like yourself :).

The purpose of our forum is to have a warm and welcoming environment where we could share info openly and mingle. If you cannot get along with other members or have ulterior motives than you are not welcome here.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact me or any of the other admins/moderators in private.



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