Saturday, April 20, 2013

Behind on answering your emails...

Good morning ladies & gents!

Well it's morning here anyway lol. I just wanted to make a quick post to let you know that I have received lots of emails from my readers and forum members. I have not been able to respond to all of you, actually there are at least 50 that I have not even read yet so please forgive me. I am just busy as usual and running behind.

Give me a few more days and I will reply to everyone of you. If it's been more than 4-5 days and you haven't heard from me it may not have come through or gone to spam. I have been checking my spam box though just in case.

On Yahoo Mail it is easier than on my work mail so I won't delete any spam unless I am sure it is spam :).

Anyway I have lots to do this weekend, lots to do every weekend and every day actually LOL but I enjoy being busy as long as I have the chance to eventually catch up lol.

I will be adding more videos and photo reviews today and I'm going to try and get to the Mall tomorrow to check out the Rivington Cabas and the Annie MM to see how good the reps I received were. I have a feeling the Annie is slightly off in colors and possibly the shape as it is tilting forward but as a member says it may be due to the heavy chain and the front closure.

I had thought to visit Neimans and look at their Giant 21 bags to compare to the one I got from Joy but I discovered it has been discontinued so no luck there. It's not that I am unhappy with the quality, I do like it very much but just felt it was not any better in quality to the lower price point on the Purple Patent which was $101 less.

I emailed Joy last week and finally received a response from her late yesterday evening. She's been very busy and I'm not sure if she is back home yet from her sourcing/shopping trip so just keep that in mind if you've tried to contact her and did not receive a response.

Also her mail went to my spam box so I was lucky I caught it since it went to my work mail. I will need to give her my new Yahoo email.

I hope you all are starting your weekend off fabulously!

As for me I am still in my PJ's and as soon as I post this and update a few listings I need to go and shower and brush my teeth LOL.

Do you see how addicted I am to this blog and forum LOL.

Also I have a special announcement to make later today. Actually 2 special announcements so check back because one of the announcements may be exactly what some of you have been hoping for!




  1. Ooh can't wait to hear your announcement!

    1. Hi Kim, I'll post it probably tonight or tomorrow depending on how much time I have. I have to be careful how I word it because the subject matter is sensitive and I would rather not post it on a public space but I'll do so in a very discreet manner and those who are interested can contact me for further details. So basically I'm going to write it down and re-read it a few times before posting :).

    2. Gotcha! If you need any help writing it feel free to email it to me. And I don't mean that to make me know before lol. But if you want a second look let me know!

  2. Your blog sure is addictive.. I get overly excited when you update with a review or reveal !

    1. Awww, so sweet of you. I never thought in a million years people would want to hear my yakking LOL.