Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Authentic vs Replica Tivoli GM from CN Replica

Here is a wonderful comparison of an Authentic Tivoli GM to the replica Tivoli GM from CN Replica. You can read my review on Sam of CN Replica here:

Thanks for sending these in Megan!!!


Megan's Review:

Here is the tivoli GM from cnreplic vs the authentic from the LV store. This purse is almost perfect. All hardware is perfect match & weight.  The authentic hardware is SLIGHTLY brighter(not noticeable at all) . The placement of the monograms are 100 % the same. Size is a 100% match. The only two flaws that are inside the bag. The hardware on the inside only is slightly different & the LV tag on the inside is different. It says made in France, has a stitch  that is way off, but also has Th serial number to match France . The authentic was made in Spain. Other than that this bag is perfect hardware stitching, & color. I actually think the leather in the rep looks better!!! we'll see how it holds up!



  1. Are you interested in selling your rep? This was my next order from Joy. If so email me at

  2. hi do you still not recommend them

    1. Daisy, save yourself the headache and buy from another seller. You will be pulling your hair out if you order from Sam. TRUST ME, every review I've read on him is about the same experience as mine.