Saturday, April 13, 2013

Authentic vs Replica Balenciaga in Rose Blush

Previously I posted a video of the authentic Balenciaga purchased online from Neiman Marcus. This video is a comparison of this bag vs the replica which I got from Maja who originally purchased it from NBF (New Bag Factory).

Since I am not very familiar with Balenciaga this video will mostly be a comparison of the quality of the material such as the leather and hardware. Also they are 2 different style bags. The authentic one is the Classic w/Aged Brass HDW in Rose Blush Lambskin Leather and the replica is a Giant 12 w/Nickel Hardware also in Rose Blush and Lambskin Leather.

I tried to be as thorough as possible so hopefully this video will give you an idea of what you can expect if you decide to order from NBF.

Also I had planned to return the authentic one after I completed my reviews but since it is a different bag and I do love the color I have decided I will keep it after all.

It would be interesting to see how the bag holds up in a few years compared to the replica but I can tell you right now I will be using the replica more often and I definitely like it better than the authentic bag. I know that sounds crazy but it is honestly how I feel :).



  1. That bag is a 10+
    This is one of the best mirror images of a Bal I've ever seen!
    If you find these on sale PLESE share. I will order 2 or 3 in a fast minute!
    Thanks so much for the review!

    1. Isn't it though! I showed both bags to my husband and asked him which he thought was the authentic. He pointed to the replica and said the leather of the authentic looks cheap so it's obvious which is which. When I told him he was wrong he thought I was pulling his leg. I had to show him the price tag to convince him. So funny! And I will definitely let you know if I see another sale - that's if I don't buy them all first LOL.

    2. Wonderful rep!! I tried to find nbf online, but it says the store is not selling anything.. May I ask how to purchase from this seller? Thanks as always :) Erica

    3. Their website is listed on the "Recommended Seller List" page. You can find it by clicking the menu tab on top. I have not purchased anything directly from NBF, the one I got was purchased from Maja who is one of the Forum Creator of the Rep Lovers United forum. I have checked their site almost everyday hoping to see another awesome sale but they have a very limited stock. I think last I checked which was a few days ago they only had like 12 items and they are over $200 each. I don't mind paying that for a great Balenciaga but they only have a few colors like Black and Yellow and I've already ordered a Yellow from Vanco and I have way too many black bags so I'd rather get other colors.

      I should warn you that many members of the forum that have ordered direct thru NBF have been waiting for their orders for a very long time. Some of them have waited over a month now and still have not received it. I believe this is normal because from what I hear they custom make the bags but they're not good about keeping their customer's updated on the status which is really frustrating and causes a lot of anxiety and people get scared that they are being scammed. So unless you are very patient I would suggest you look elsewhere.

  2. Oh also Sarah some of the issues with some Bals produced in certain yrs (Not sure which years) the colored bags and even the black are known to have fading issues.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Mimi, I hope that doesn't happen to mine especially the authentic but we shall see :). I plan to do a review a few years down the line to show how they have held up. But in all honesty I don't think I will be using it too often, I'd be lucky to use it 3-4 times a year. I just have too many bags and gotta spread the love you know :).

    2. Yes that's true you have too many! N fading issue with Bals really is how much the bag is exposed to the sun so even normal daily like literally daily wear (not leaving it on direct sun light) can cause the color fade. so with your hand bag rotation I doubt yours will fade. also herd that Bals have made their giant hard ware smaller since like end or beginning of last yr.