Sunday, April 21, 2013

Authentic Louis Vuitton Trevi PM Video Review

I posted the photos of this bag on awhile back but today I also made a video to go with it so I have combined them together in this post.

I made this video especially for one of my blog readers, Vivian, who recently joined us here on the forum. She purchased a Trevi PM from Joy and was concerned that the canvas of her bag was too stiff/hard.

I assured her that it is supposed to be that way in order to maintain it's shape/structure but I also wanted to give her more details on the Authentic Bag so she can compare her Replica and determine if she has a good replica. I have pictures of this bag posted a couple months ago but I like to do both videos and pictures when possible.

Also I feel that I could point out the differences from Joy's replica vs the Authentic because I originally purchased a replica of this bag from Joy as well but due to a problem with the long strap I decided to buy the authentic.

So Vivian, here you go girl! I hope this video helps you out! If your bag is anything like the one I got from Joy than it is near perfect so be ENJOY your beautiful new bag!!!

NOTE: For some reason the video cut off on me before I was finished so I had to create a 2nd one to complete the review. They are both posted below as Part 1 and Part 2

This is Part 1

This is Part 2


Vivian's Comments:
Hey Sarah,

Its been awhile since we wrote. Hope everything with you is fine despite of the being busy as always.
I am writing you coz I am just wondering if you could help me enlighten about the Trevi PM. I know you have an authentic thats why I would like to know how is the canvas? I just received my order from Joy and it looks really good aside from the smelling part.

Im just curious coz I couldnt read from your blog hows the canvas. Is soft or hard. My replica is very hard. Is it suppose to be like that?

I also bought from Joy a Hampstead MM in Damier Ebene but it was sooo soft. I wish they use the same material as they use for the Trevi PM coz I want my hampstead to be able to stand up by itself. And I wish that the Trevi would be a little bit softer. It is so stiff. Is it supposed to be stiff? Would appreciate your reply.

I sent some pictures of my Artsy replica but I think I sent it from your work email. I will send you some in this address soon.

Have a nice day. Hope a you a good sleep!!




  1. Hello Sarah,
    Thank you soooo much!! You're so sweet! I never thought you would actually do this video for me.
    When I was watching your videos it feels like we're just in the same room laughing so hard specially on the part you suddenly "turned into green" Lol!!
    I was comparing my bag and everything you said about the stamping and where they should be, they're just perfect.
    It was not so easy to find the code or serial number coz it was not on the corner top like the way it should be. It was at the edge of the middle part of the big pocket. And definitely not the same as the numbering as the authentic coz mine it says FO0068. And the print of the LV logo inside the bag is way far from perfect. But I'm not worried, who would dare to turn my purse upside down anyway? Lol!!
    The handles it is more round like yours than oblong. So probably Joy already contacted her team after Reading your reviews.
    The strap looks exactly the same as yours. I even measured it and it is exactly 49 cm. I dont know how long is the authentic but looking at the videos its just look just the same.
    Thank you so much for making this video you really made my day! You're so honest and so naturally funny! Because of this video I am considering of bringing my bag to Paris for our late honeymoon. I'm not afraid if they will arrest me from taking a perfect replica coz I have a 6 foot 4 inches navy seal with me :)

    Thanks again,

  2. Hey Sarah,
    Sorry I had to use Anonymous coz I dont know how to publish it using other way. But it's me, first time to send a comment here.. I really have to start Learning how this things works Lol!
    Again, Thanks a lot,

  3. Thanks so much for the video and all the work that went into this. I do have a question...maybe I wasn't listening closely enough. On the long strap for the replica, was the only problem the clasp? I know it was said that it was slightly longer, but I'm wondering if the quality of the strap, other than the clasp was good. I know of a place in NY that repairs handbags. They were recommended to me by Tod's Customer Service. I've spoken with this place on the phone. They claim to have all of the authentic hardware. I know that you kindly offered to buy replacement straps for people, but you may only need to buy the clasp. The place in NY is call the Leather Spa. This is the information:
    The Leather Spa
    10 West 55th Street
    NY, NY 10019
    Phone: 212.262.4823

    Hopefully this is helpful!

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for that info! I may check it out for myself for a few of the bags with the cheap hardware parts. In regards to the replica from Joy the screws on the clasps were the issue. It does not stay tightly screwed which is how mine broke. Other than that the strap itself was fine. It may be slightly longer but not noticeably so and the color and thickness looks and feels the same to me.