Monday, April 1, 2013

Authentic Hermes Birkin 35cm Togo Leather by Victoria

Here is a very special submission. My first Authentic Hermes Birkin, Woo Hoo!!!

Ok so it's really not mine (but a girl can dream :)) LOL. This beautiful Birkin belongs to a forum member Victoria (aka bkelly on the forum).

She submitted pictures of her authentic Hermes so we could use them as a reference guide for comparisons. Isn't that just so sweet of her and what a LUCKY GAL too!!! Thanks for sharing :).


Victoria's Comments:

Hi Sarah!

I want to show my authentic Birkin for reference.

This is a 35cm gold Togo leather birkin that has a D stamp which means it was made in the year 2000. At that time the inside pockets had suede in them and the zipper did not yet have an h stop. The h stop came out few years later. Dustbag is orange but i forget if this is the original one from this bag. At the time they also had beige felt ones. The stitching is on the angle and this bag is with palladium hardware.



  1. Please can you help I recently had a BIRKIN bought for me. And do to the circumstances surrounding why he bought me the bag I'm questioning everything. Inside the pocket is not suede, is similar to the bag leather and same colour.

  2. Please help, my ex partner bought me a BIRKIN. However the pockets is leather and not suede inside. Please help xxx