Sunday, April 21, 2013

Authentic Dolce & Gabanna Miss Pocket Python Snakeskin

I posted the pictures of this bag for sale on 2/14 but the pictures were taken with my old camera and the quality was really bad. So I decided to re-do the pictures and also add a video so you can see exactly what the bag looks like.

I did the video today and will get to the pictures hopefully by next weekend. This is a very expensive bag so I understand how people would be wary that it may be a replica especially since I admittedly buy both. But it will come with a notarized Guarantee of Authenticity.

I will have a contract written up to the buyer which he or she will view and approve or they can ask for it to be appended to their satisfaction. The contract will basically say that the bag is guaranteed to be authentic and if it is found to be counterfeit by a professional authenticator than I will issue a FULL REFUND including all shipping costs and will also pay for the authentication fee and even send you an additional $200 for the inconvenience.

This contract will be notarized by a Wells Fargo Bank Customer Service which is one of the banks I use. That way you have a legal and binding contract that will protect you should you find the bag is not as described.

I would never deceive anyone but obviously anyone can say that and people do lie so this is why I am offering to do this.

The video is posted below and you can find the pictures posted here:

I will say that I am unsure of the original retail price of this bag. I know it is somewhere between $3,200 and $3,500 but I think it is $3,200. In the video I said $3,250 so please excuse that discrepancy. I have tried to contact Dolce & Gabanna to get more info on this bag but I cannot seem to find a phone number for them anywhere! If you happen to know please share this info so I can contact them and confirm the price and other important factors.


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