Monday, April 22, 2013

Authentic Coach Kristine Embossed Python Leather Flap Satchel w/Matching Wallet

This is a review of my Authentic Coach Kristine Embossed Python Leather Flap Satchel Handbag and the Matching Wallet which were purchased separately.

There are not too many fans of Coach bags in the rep world because Coach bags are for the most part very affordable. Even their most expensive leather or exotic skin bags are under $2,000!  You can get a brand new monogram canvas bag for under $200, sometimes under $100 if they are on clearance at the Outlet or on eBay.

So it makes no sense for anyone to buy a replica Coach not to mention they look AWFUL!

I have never seen a replica Coach that could ever pass as authentic and some of them are priced almost as much as the authentic bags, that is just CRAZY!

Anyway I thought I'd give my Coach bag a little attention since there are so few who are reviewing Coach on our Forum. I think I currently have 6 Coach bags and they are all the higher end bags. I do not like their monogram canvas bags at all though I did buy one a long time ago which I later sold to my co-worker.

This one is one of my favorite even though it is an older model and I've only used it a few times :).

I checked the Coach site and could not find it listed so I'm assuming they are sold out in this style.

However I did see some that are BRAND NEW with tags being listed on ebay for $598 with FREE Shipping and NO Tax so I really wish I had checked eBay first prior to buying this bag from the Coach Store. I could have saved a couple hundred bucks and used it to buy a replica :(. Oh well, just gotta think about that the next time I buy another authentic bag :).

And now onto the review!



  1. I love this bag! So cute! I never really looked into Coach leather bags!

  2. I hope it is okay to comment since I am new here. If you have to delete my comment I understand but I hope you read it. I love Coach bags and yours is particularly beautiful. I wanted to say that you can't put too much into what the sale associates at the Coach Boutique say about the outlet. It is better to visit a few times and make up your own mind. Can you imagine what an LV associate would say on the subject of Chinese replicas? And the quality doesn't vary nearly as much from the Coach Boutique to the outlet store than from the LV store and most online replicas. No doubt some bags in the outlet were made to sell there but most bags from the boutique eventually make it to the outlet sooner or later. The "special order" ones are even more likely to not sell at full price and end up at the outlet. I have seen it time and again. One bag I had to have (the Soho Kiki) was hundreds more at the boutique. I waited and just months later got both colors at the outlet for the same money. I am convinced the purses I bought were exactly the same. The leather on the camel one is exquisite. The white one is long gone but the camel remains one of my favorite bags of all time. It is one of those purses people stop you and ask where you got it. All the bags that go through the outlet store are marked with a bullseye on the creed so they can't be returned to the boutique for full price. I don't go in there often (I go to the southside one) but I rarely leave without a purse. I think you would enjoy it. :))