Thursday, April 11, 2013

Authentic Balenciaga from Neiman Marcus Video Reveal

5/26/13 UPDATE: I added detailed photo and written review. Click Here to see the full review.


This morning I got to work and was pleasantly surprised to find my package from Neiman Marcus had arrived with my brand new Balenciaga City Bag.

I will be using this bag as a reference guide for comparing all my replica Balenciaga's that I have purchased from different sellers. I have purchased a total of 4 Balenciaga City Bag replicas. 2 are from Joy: one Purple Patent at $135 and one Navy Blue at $229. I also got one from Maja for $90 including shipping which is exactly what she paid when she bought it from NBF (New Bag Factory). And I have a yellow one from Vanco which has not shipped yet. Still waiting on tracking on that one.

So anyway I decided to do a video before leaving work to show you what the authentic bag looks like. I had also planned to do another video of the unpacking of my first batch of bags from Joy which arrived yesterday. Unfortunately my camera battery died before I finished the first video so I apologize for cutting abruptly but I covered most of what I wanted anyway so there wasn't really anything else to show.

So here is the video of just the Authentic Bag. I will do the comparison of Authentic vs Replica for Balenciaga's this weekend.


And here is the video Maja made of the bags she got from NBF which included the Rose Blush (now all mine lol) one that looks similar to the one from Neiman's.

As you can see the color is much lighter but keep in mind that the video above was shot at night with poor lighting so the color isn't accurate but it is definitely darker than the one from NBF.

Here are some pictures of the bag from NBF. The color in the picture is more accurate.

I will take some pictures and video this weekend comparing the 2 bags side by side so you can see the difference but I just learned from my wonderful readers and forum members that these are 2 different style bags so they would not be exactly the same.

I have been checking the NBF site almost daily to see when they'll have another sale. I swear if they have another sale like this ($90 per bag including shipping) I will buy every one of them!!! Seriously!!! That's how much I LOVE this bag :).

The bag looks to be the same shape and size though I haven't measured the one from NBF yet. Other than the color difference and the feel of the leather. The hardware is silver on the rep but the authentic also comes in silver as well.

The name plate is different but it is correct. The rep is the Giant 12 HDW so it comes with just a leather tag. The one from Neiman's is a Regular Classic HDW so it comes with a metal plate attached to a leather tag. I also want to point out that all Bals bag have black stitching on the top of the tag regardless of what color the bag is and even when all the other stitches are in a different color. So the one from NBF is done correctly, yaaaay!!!

Also the long strap on the rep is not made of the same type of leather as the bag. It is slightly darker and has slight gloss to it that does not exist on the leather of the bag. It's not a big deal but I just wanted to point it out.



  1. Really looking forward to your reviews of Joy and NBF Bels. Can you give the actual item numbers or names of products you bought? It will help me to know if it's the same one I'm considering buying from Joy. Thank you!!!
    P.s. if anyone else has Balenciagas for Joy or NBF, private message me or email me at
    with your reviews!!! I can't wait to buy mine!!

    1. I have that at the top of my "TO DO" list for this weekend :).

  2. I herd (I'm not too sure about this) but Bal bags use to be made out of goat leather but the more recent ones are meant to be lambskin leather which a lot of the PF describe as very buttery and soft...again BUT few have mentioned that instead of the buttery and soft feel they got rubbery and kinda stiff. Apparently it's cause the leather is dry or dehydrated>so I assume with use and with your natural oils from your hands it will soften up. And just like how the untreated cow hide leather of our beloved LV pattina's, Bals have the same thing (except it's not really nice to be honest) the handles darken it kinda goes blackish.

  3. Excitement hour!! Also just pointing out to the viewers that mine (oops, I meant your replica) is the GIANT 12 hardware and the authentic one you have is the REGULAR (classic) HARDWARE so it's got the tassles. Only the Classic hardware has tassles but the Giant hardware does not. Ok, carry on.

    1. Thanks Maja! I need to put together a cheat sheet for Bals since I know absolutely nothing about them other than I am now addicted LOL. Chanel and Bals are now my FAVORITE BRANDS!!!

  4. Also the Giant 12 does not have the metal tag inside, so your rep is correct!

    1. Thank you! You guys are awesome!!! I will update it right now. I'm glad it is correct but even if it weren't I am so pleased with the quality I would not have minded at all :).

  5. To add to your comparison review, look at these three things as many reps don't get it right:

    1) the underside of the zipper where it says Lampo
    2) the screws on the back of handles. Compare the notch out. Most reps are square and reps have a curved edge
    3) the metal pieces at the end of the shoulder strap.

    These are the ways to authenticate a Bal.