Monday, April 29, 2013

Jewelry Forum Delayed for Maybe 1-2 Weeks

I was hoping to spend this weekend working on the grand opening for my new Jewelry Forum for all the jewelry junkies but it looks like it will take at least another week or two.

Some of you know I have major insomnia, and a few other health issues which I won't bore you with. I sometimes worry I'll end up like my mother who takes more meds than she eats food due to so many health issues. She has high blood pressure, cholesterol, a heart condition, Alzheimer's, insomnia and a few I can't even pronounce.

For me my sleep pattern is the worst and I also have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) which makes it impossible to sleep or function during the day without meds.

For the last 3-4 years now I cannot for the life of me fall asleep before 2am anymore unless I take sleeping pills. About 8 months ago I took Unisom for about a week and discovered my body got used to it and I could not sleep at all without taking them. So I stopped and now I'm back to staying up all hours of the night. If I fall asleep by midnight I consider myself lucky but that is very rare.

This past Friday night I took 3 Unisom gels (you're only supposed to take 1 but I have high tolerance) and fell asleep by 10:30pm (so says my husband) which was awesome! Unfortunately I didn't wake up till 2pm so half the day slept away :(.

My husband didn't wake me because he thought I needed the sleep since I've only been getting about 4 to 6 hours a night lately and I'm so tired all the time now

I'm very fortunate my employer isn't very strict because I'm at least 1 to 1.5 hrs late for work everyday although I do stay late to make up for it and usually end up tacking on an hour or two over the 8 hrs I would have worked had I come in on time.

I'm not a morning person so I'm more productive in the evenings anyway  and I rarely eat lunch anymore so that helps as well though it's certainly not healthy.

Most other employers would not have tolerated my tardiness regardless of how late I stay. After all how can they be sure I'm actually working and not messing around when no one else is there to watch? So the fact that he trusts me (at least I think he does lol) makes him the most amazing employer I've ever worked for! Seriously, I LOVE my job and I absolutely ADORE my employer!

Anyway because I started my Saturday so late I was extremely groggy so it took a few hours with 2 cups of coffee and 2 Mountain Dews before I perked up. I spent the rest of Saturday answering emails and getting caught up with posting submissions. I am proud to say I have almost all of them done now so I am close to being caught up, yay!

Then today (well yesterday really because I'm talking about Sunday and am writing this at 2am on Monday morning in the middle of the night) I woke up at noon (fell asleep around 3am this morning) and my dear husband turned on the TV. He had recorded my favorite shows, TWD (The Walking Dead) and Game of Thrones. So I ended up watching the last episode of TWD and 2 episodes of Game of Thrones and then saw that Breaking Dawn Part 2 was available on Demand so I had to watch that too lol. So basically I spent over 4 hours in bed watching TV (bad, bad, bad). When I finally got out of bed I had to spend a few hours answering emails, updating my blog and checking in with the Forum.

Afterwards I made a video of my new replica Louis Vuitton Portobello PM (which I have not posted yet) and spent a few more hours taking detailed photos for the Balenciaga's I got from Vanco including comparison shots with my Authentic one from Neiman Marcus. I LOVE them all and can't wait to show you but it might have to wait till next weekend depending on whether I can find the time during the week after work.

I believe my job will continue to stay crazy busy until we get some help so I rarely have time to glance at personal email during the week anymore. Usually I work till 7pm. The latest I've ever stayed was 10pm but I only did that twice in the 6 years I've worked here.

But we have gotten so busy I can't seem to catch up regardless of how late I stay :(. So a few times now I've left at 6 or 6:30 simply because I am just exhausted. I hope things slow down a bit so I can get caught up. I enjoy staying busy but only when I know I'll eventually catch up and right now it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon :(.

Sorry, there I go rambling and getting off subject - I do this a lot lol.

So I'm going to give myself a little more time to get the jewelry forum up but in the meantime I continue to get loads of emails. I'm flattered that so many are contacting me for advice and I enjoy chatting with all of you but please bear in mind that I may not be able to respond to you for several days. I also have a bad habit of answering emails from the top down instead of from the bottom up which means I answer new emails first and the older mails get delayed pushed down further. That is not a good habit so I'm trying hard to remember to start from the bottom up.

Anyway I just wanted to keep you updated on what's going on. Hopefully I will get it ready by next weekend. The foundation is already built so I just need to add graphics and start putting in some products and divide into appropriate categories. I also want to offer any sellers their own category where they can have sub categories to sell their products as well so we can all have fun buying and selling to one another as well as invite our existing customers to join us.

Well that's it for tonight guys, I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend! I just wish mine were a little more productive but at least I got plenty of rest. Let's hope I get more done next weekend :).



Saturday, April 27, 2013

BRAND NEW LV Rivington Cabas in Damier Ebene

4/28/13 UPDATE:  This bag has found a new home! Thank you for all those who expresses interest!


Here is a Brand Spanking NEW Louis Vuitton Rivington Cabas in Damier Ebene being offered for "Trade/Offer" by Lois (aka shopaholic808).

I just bought one from Joy last month and I absolutely LOVE mine. It is in fact one of my top favorite bags and if I didn't already have one I would snatch her's up in a hot minute.

I have received many requests from people looking for this bag so here's your chance guys because it won't last long. If you are interested please contact Lois directly via the email listed below.


Lois's Comments:

Second item for "Trade/Barter" is a brand new LV Cabas Rivington in Damier Ebene. I got this from Sandy but I am unhappy with it. The quality is good and canvas is nice and thick. Stitching is nice and straight except for one area inside the bag and this bothers me. That is the only flaw I could find. Please look at the photos. Comes with dustbag.

Contact Email:  XXX (bag is no longer available)

Mimi's GORGEOUS Celine Phantom from Joy

This review is long overdue! Mimi submitted it to me on April 14th but due to being so busy and my bad habit of answering emails from the top down instead of from the bottom up many of the older emails were further delayed. I have got to remember to start from the bottom up lol.

Anyway Mimi has always been super sweet and she was not at all upset that her review got posted later than those who sent theirs after she did but let me tell you that her beautiful bag is worth the wait :). I am not really a Celine fan so I don't know much about them. Actually I don't know SQUAT about them and probably wouldn't be able to tell a fake from the real one unless it had glaring flaws.

But the pictures are beautiful and I would proudly wear her bag whether or not it s the perfect replica so Mimi, thank you for sharing your new treasure and I am sure you will ROCK IT OUT!!!


Mimi's Comments:

Hi Sarah, 

I finally got my order from Joy about two weeks ago and I think I should give it a review for the blog or forum to see. 

I love the bag I am so in love that I want to buy all the colors available. I don't think there's a Celine boutique where I live (I'm actually 90% sure that the country has no Celine boutique at all). I did my studying from Youtube + purse forum + Celine website + online blog reviews to learn about this bag and compare my this rep to authentic.  I ordered it with purple Prada saffiano double zip lux tote (will do a review on this bag as well), the package was heavy.  Any ways on to the review. 

So the dust bag it came with was alright I have never seen an authentic dust bag for Celine's in person so I can't compare the texture of the the dust bag of rep phantom Celine from an authentic. Inspecting it was well made; thick cotton fabric. Print on the bag was very prominent, but I washed it so it faded. However I said I haven't seen an authentic Celine dust bag, I do know for watching reviews of un-boxing of Celine's on Youtube, the drawstring for the dust bag is meant to be long and thick. My dust bag was short and very thin cotton fabric. But hey it's just a dust bag. I'm not trying to scam someone and sell this as an authentic. 
Now on to the bag it self, the dimensions of the rep I think is true to the authentic. I did see a couple of celebrities that are clearly taller and it seemed that the bag looked in proportion to them. So it made wonder the size of my rep is not right, then I did more research turns out that there's a small and large phantom. 
So okay the bag did smell of chemicals but seriously once it was all aired out, the smell of leather is divine.
The bag looks beautiful, the glue around the edges are perfect. The handles have no ripples, stitching one them area all even...perfect. From where the handles actually attaches to the bag, which from what I read from purse forum feels not so secure (but it is just not as secure like other luxury brands) that some of the forum don't feel comfortable actually putting too much in their bag. The bag it self empty is very heavy roughly about 1-1.5kg so once you put things in it becomes your strength or weight training for the day lol Again this is true to the authentic. 
The foot studs down the bottom are all correctly placed and aligned. The stitches all over the bag are all good no fraying what so ever and they are all even. The suede inside the bag, it feels good! The back compartment zipper works very well, however the front zipper is so hard to use. Too hard I seriously tried opening once and never again. Not like it can fit much. 
The actual leather is nice and thick; soft and so smooth. From reviews on Youtube (with authentic bags) they say that it's so smooth it can easily scratch. In fairness they did pay $2400-3000 for one so they can be as careful as they want with their bag. The base for this bag is a little bit stiff and more structure than the authentic. It doesn't bend that much; which for me is a plus because in the authentic once you put too much things in the bag it sags and loses the shape. 
The hot stamping of the Celine logo + 'made in Italy' (on the back zip compartment) are both centered and very deep, I think the font is slightly different but seriously who will notice.  This is the $250 price range from joy the cheaper Celine phantom luggage have shallow or not as defined. 
Function wise because of the design and the shape of the bag you can fit a lot, but as I mentioned it is already heavy with it empty. The front zip braided tassel thing on the front  is long (even on the authentic) so it's for mere decoration and well putting it on the floor would be a big no no. There's no other zip besides from the bunny like ear on the side which you can use to close the bag. It makes it more secure but you lose the "phantom" shape. It just then just becomes like a normal Celine bag and it also makes the actual bag size little bit smaller. Again this bag I believe is for show, one of those you put your cell phone + nice wallet + small make up bag + keys. It's not really I can take to work and put stuff in there cause it just gets too heavy and too over stuffed. Even as the replica has a more secure or stiffer base than the authentic I wouldn't use it as a "daily" bag. 
I have used this bag once and it was to show my friends and when I did they literally said "OMG you F.B*^$!" Yes they we're so jealous and in shock. They were green in envy...then I said it's a replica all three of them said "Stop lying seriously, did your mom get this for you from Europe". They looked at the bag stared at the bag, they could not believe it was a replica.Now they all want one! 
I can give this bag a 9/10; cause of the front zip not working properly. 
I wish Joy can have the large Celine phantom available soon. I will order the grey with orange trimming phantom  next from Joy, fierce for autumn. 
I love this bag and very happy with it. I have included some pictures, tell me what you guys think. 
Sorry for the long review Sarah, I know your busy and won't have time to read all of it. Hope you will get time to share it in the blog or forum. Thanks


Dishonest Members on Our Forum Will Not Be Tolerated

It was brought to my attention that a member on our forum is a moderator of another forum. This is not a big deal, we have members who are also members of many other forums which is perfectly fine. We welcome everyone as long as they are not here to create problems. However this particular member (whom I will refer to as Mary) listed a Bag in the "Trade" Section that she had previously listed on the forum where she is a moderator.

I had posted on the thread indicating I was interested and was considering making an offer. But then I received a PM from another member (whom I will refer to as Jessie). She warned me not to buy from "Mary". Apparently the item listed had faulty parts that were not included in her listing. "Mary" has the same username on the other forum and has listed the same bag there but with disclosure on the faulty part which is probably why she was unable to sell it. In her post she mentioned that she took it to a cobbler to have it fixed but was informed that it was temporary and would not last. This piece of info should have been disclosed for potential buyers so she was being dishonest by not including it in her description.

I DO NOT just take anyone's word as truth because people do LIE. However with the screen shot of the posting on the other forum showing "Mary's username which happens to be the same on our forum, I believe "Jessie" is telling the truth. She also gave me one other member's username who is also a moderator on the same forum and went on to say that both these members are major bullies on the other forum.

Kim has banned "Mary" for being dishonest and I agree with her. We do not want dishonest people here. Not disclosing a defect because she herself was unaware is one thing but she was obviously well aware and intentionally hid it. "Jessie" also told me that "Mary" joined our forum to keep an eye on members from her forum to make sure they are not giving out seller's info and for those that were discovered doing this are banned from her forum.
Kim and I find this utterly REDICULOUS! This isn't elementary school people and there's no need to "Protect Sellers". I have let all sellers know about my blog and forum. At least 5 sellers have given their approval and are very happy to be featured. Those that have not responded I will assume they are ok with it otherwise if they were afraid I would think they'd be quick to let us know. All it takes is just one email from them to have their info removed and we will respect their wishes.

Anyway, after discussing this with Kim, she asked me to make this post to ask all our members who are aware of other members here specifically to "Spy" or cause Drama/Trouble to please let one of the admins or moderators know. Feel free to either contact me, Kim, Maja or one of the moderators you are most comfortable with and we will respect your wishes if you want to remain anonymous so we will not disclose this even to other admins/moderators. However, please DO NOT point fingers without having some sort of proof to back this up, like in this scenario a screen shot was sufficient.

And finally, I want to thank the good Samaritan member who alerted me to this situation. We appreciate members like yourself :).

The purpose of our forum is to have a warm and welcoming environment where we could share info openly and mingle. If you cannot get along with other members or have ulterior motives than you are not welcome here.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact me or any of the other admins/moderators in private.



NEW Hermes H2000H BIRKIN from Bridget

This is a lovely submission of a BRAND NEW BIRKIN from H2000H, Victoria's (aka bkelly) favorite seller! However this is not another one of Victoria's bags, this one was purchased by Bridget after seeing Victoria's amazing Birkin Collection.

She was so impressed she decided to take the plunge and buy one from the same seller even though his prices are quite high and I am pleased to say that she is very happy with her new bag.

She did not leave a written review to go with it so I will simply share the pictures. The pictures are a little dark and along with my bad eyesight I couldn't really see the details but from what I can see it has a nice shape and structure. Many of the badly made Birkin's are not structured and do not hold their shape which is certainly not the case in this bag. Take a look and judge for yourself!

NOTE: I'm not sure if she meant to include that last picture which is a blurry picture of what appears to be her wardrobe lol. I will leave it for now until she asks for me to remove.


Thursday, April 25, 2013


I have been so busy that I have not been checking comments as often as I used to and tonight I saw a post by a crazy anti-rep person on one of my Reader's Submitted Review.

She was rude and obnoxious and acted like just because she happens to own the real bag she is better than those who buys replicas.

Well let me tell you miss snobby, I have many Authentic bags probably more than you do because people who own very little are the ones that likes to brag! Yet I still buy replicas and even people who are wealthy that can easily afford to buy the authentic will still buy replicas so it isn't always because they can't afford to save up for the real one. If you can get almost the same quality for a fraction of the price it is called SMART SHOPPING!

I have no idea what you are doing on my blog in the first place. If you are against fakes why would you come to a blog that is clearly advertising them in your face? How you feel about replicas is your business and we can respect what you choose to do with your money so why can't you be mature enough to respect what others choose to do with theirs?

Please GO GET A LIFE!!! I DO NOT APPRECIATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU POSTING BULLSHIT on my blog and offending my readers, especially those that took time out of their day to submit reviews that I could share with others.

And for all my dear friends and blog readers, I apologize but I must now change the settings on the blog so that you must be registered in order to post comments. It was originally set this way but someone requested for me to allow anonymous posting because they were afraid of having their identity revealed so I told them I would do it for a time and if there are no problems I would leave it that way. But it only takes one bad apple to ruin it for everyone else. I do not want to have to moderate comments or worry about deleting the comments like the one left by this obnoxious woman. By requiring users to register in order to post I can BAN specific users like this woman.

People like this woman just can't seem to mind her own business and obviously does not know where she isn't welcome!

I am a lover and a buyer of BOTH Authentic and Replica's and will continue to buy them for as long as I want to and nothing you or anyone else can say or do is going to change that so please take your unwanted opinions and comments and stuff it up your ASS!!!



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sorry, I am Behind on Posting Submissions AGAIN!

Hey everyone, I want those of you that have emailed me pictures to be posted to know that I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this.

This past weekend I was selfish and made a bunch of videos and reviews of mostly my own things but this coming weekend I will make sure I have answered all emails and comments as well as posted all your submissions before doing any of my own personal things.

I feel like a broken record when I say this but during the week it is nearly impossible for me to do reviews or even answer emails because of my job which obviously is my Priority and since I usually work late I am exhausted by the time I get home so I only browse the forum or do my favorite thing which is online shopping before I go to bed.

But I promise to get caught up this weekend before I start on any of my own things :).



RULES for BUYING & SELLING on the Forum & Blog

This was a post I made on the Forum that also applies to the Blog so I am posting it here as well

There was a recent issue with 2 members on the Rep Lovers Forum who completed a private sale and afterwards the buyer filed a dispute because she felt the item was not as described. The seller posted her part of the story and so far I don't think the buyer has responded. But whatever the case I have no way of knowing what exactly happened since there are always 2 sides to a story so I decided to post a list of Rules for Buying and Selling on the forum which also applies to this blog.

First let me just say that neither the Forum or the Blog are meant to be a Selling Venue, they were intended to be a place where we could share information on mingle with like minded people. Being able to buy and sell our pre-loved items are a Wonderful Bonus but that is was never the purpose.

So with that said here are what you as a Buyer or a Seller MUST DO before completing a transaction with another member.

Step 1 for Sellers
If you are going to list an item for sale please provide as many pictures as possible from various angles and close-ups. Point out any flaws, imperfections and signs of wear that you notice and make sure to describe the condition of the product, whether it is NEW never used but has defects or if it has been used and show signs of wear. We are only human and mistakes can happen or you might miss something that's why I prefer to take detailed pictures because my vision is poor so I can't see very well. With pictures I can enlarge and zoom in on every single aspect of the item and be able to point out any flaws accurately.

I realize it is not always possible to provide clear pictures due to quality of camera, poor lighting etc. but even if you were to use a phone camera you can shoot your items in natural light which I feel is the best lighting. It shows the truest colors of the items. You can do this near a large window where there is the most light but preferably not in direct sunlight as that may cause sharp contrast and shadows. Pictures shot outdoors later during the evening like around 6-7 when the sun isn't so bright but it is light enough to see produces the best results. These are just suggestions so just do the best you can.

Step 1 for Buyers
Ask ALL Questions and request more pictures if you need them but do this PRIOR to making a purchase. If you are not satisfied with what you see DO NOT BUY it!

Step 2 for Seller

Make sure you let the buyer know your terms and conditions. Please list these terms in your original post preferably at the bottom right after your description.

For example would you accept returns, exchanges or issue refunds if the item is damaged, or if the buyer feels the item does not match your pictures and/or descriptions? Try to be thorough and let them know exactly what you are willing to do and make sure they understand and agree to those terms before you sell to them.

The best way to be thorough is to put yourself in the Buyer's shoes and think what would you want to know before you purchase from a stranger online? I recommend that any questions by the buyer and your answers in regards to TERMS be posted on the same thread so that there is a trail which can later be used to clear up possible issues. This is only a suggestion. If you chooses to communicate in Private than it will be your word against theirs and nothing for anyone to go by.

Personally I will now ask my Buyers to state in the thread that they HAVE READ AND ACCEPT MY TERMS before buying and I recommend all sellers do the same so there are no misunderstandings. However this is not a requirement, only a suggestion because it will show clearly that they saw and understood your conditions. But I will also add that I only require this of people I have never sold to previously or for those that I do not know well enough.

It is each seller's right to set their own Terms of Sale but as an example I will list mine which I have not had to provide previously but I will do so from now to avoid issues like the one that occurred on the forum. I think if both parties understands exactly what they are agreeing to in advance there are less chances of issues.

I accept PayPal for purchases only if I have to ship the item and Cash for local pick-ups. Buyers can PayPal me or I can send an invoice. I DO NOT ask for payments to be marked as a "Gift" although I have had buyers do that anyway on their own. You should mark them as "GOODS" to show it was for the purchase of a product which will require a tracking # from the seller. I know Kim (aka PurseLover23) requires payments marked as "Gift" and I understand her reasons for doing so but for me I want people to feel they have some protection because I do not expect people to just trust me especially when they only know me online. And like someone pointed out, if you send payments marked as "Gift" you may end up receiving an empty box from a dishonest seller and there's nothing you can do to get your $ back. Therefore if you send payment marked as a "Gift" you should only do so with members you trust.

And the reason I ask for Cash for local pick-ups is because I will not have any record of the sale. If someone PayPal's me the $ and picks the item up in person they can open a dispute and claim that I never shipped the product, which is essentially true, so they would get their $ back and I am out of $ and product but that is a risk I am willing to take for now. But I cannot accept checks which are risky for obvious reasons.

In regards to RETURNS, I consider ALL SALES FINAL however, I will make an exception for the following scenarios:

A) The product is damaged upon arrival. In this case I require pictures within 2 days of receipt/delivery to prove the damages. That means if you received it on Monday you must send pictures by midnight on Wednesday. And I may or may not require the item to be returned. If I ask for it to be returned I will issue a FULL REFUND including ALL Shipping charges. All returns should be postmarked on the 3rd day (excluding Sundays & Holidays) so in the above example your package should be postmarked by the postal service showing it was scanned on the 3rd day which would be Thursday based on the above example.

B) Buyers have 2 DAYS from the date of receipt/delivery to inspect the item carefully. If it falls apart within those 2 days than I will take it back. If it happens on the 3rd day regardless of whether you've used it or not, I am not responsible. I DID NOT make the product and as long as it was in good working condition when it was shipped and it was fine when the buyer received it for 2 days after receipt, what happens afterwards is no longer my responsibility.

Only damages or flaws that were not listed in the description or pointed out in the photos or videos will be acceptable for returns. If they were clearly noted on the original listing than you knew about them and bought it anyway which makes them acceptable.

I WILL NOT make Partial Refunds. I will issue a FULL Refund or None at all and here's why. There are dishonest buyers that will intentionally take things apart and send pictures claiming it broke and ask for the item to be discounted or a partial refund than afterwards put it back together (i.e. loose screws). I WILL NOT DO THIS. If something falls apart send me pictures by the 2nd day as noted above and ship it back on the 3rd day only if I ask that you do so and a Full Refund including shipping will be issued upon receipt.

In the scenario on the forum, where the buyer determines the item was NOT made of leather but the seller posted that it was leather, well if this were to happen to me I am sorry but I do my best to show clear and detailed pictures and sometimes videos along with written reviews but mistakes can still happen, we're only human. If my seller tells me the item was leather and I couldn't tell the difference when I received it I will assume he/she was honest and describe it the same way it was described to me. If later on it was found to be false, I DID NOT lie to you. I merely repeated what I was told and what I believed to be true. I am not going to perform any testing before I sell something, I don't have time for that therefore anything I sell is being sold AS IS. If the buyer can't accept these terms they are free to buy elsewhere it would not hurt my feelings one bit. However, the chances of this happening is not likely. There is a distinct difference between Leather and Plastic and I am fairly confident I can tell the difference.

If the buyer decides to BUY after they have accepted my terms and then file a chargeback or dispute thru PayPal than so be it. I might lose a little $ but I will never deal with that person again and they will be BANNED from the Forum. If you agree to accept the terms and change your mind after the fact than you are the one being dishonest.

Keep in mind that there are always risks involved when buying online whether through a private seller or a quantity seller. Some sellers will accept returns or offer refunds however I an individual who sells a very limited amount of items and usually at a loss so I cannot afford to offer generous return policies. But I feel I am being fair by at least allowing my buyer 2 DAYS from the date of delivery to inspect everything carefully and if flaws are found that were not pointed out in the listing/pictures/videos than you must report it to me with pictures by the 2nd DAY of receipt.

If the buyer claims they were not home at the time of delivery so they were not able to inspect it within those 2 days than I am sorry but 2 DAYS are all I will give regardless of whether you're home or not so if you know you'll be away than ask me to ship to you when you know you will be home. From here on out I will make this clear to all buyers before accepting their $.

Once an item is sold an Admin/Moderator will LOCK the thread so that changes to the terms originally set and the acceptance of the buyer cannot later be changed on the sly.

Step 2 for Buyers
If the seller does not give you his/her terms or some parts are not clear ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE purchasing NOT AFTERWARDS! If you DO NOT agree with any part of their terms or are not satisfied that they are clear than DON'T BUY. Go with your instincts, sometimes it is your best guide. Mine isn't so great but I hear people say this all the time lol.

Also please post all questions pertaining to TERMS on the original seller thread if that is where you are conducting the transaction. That way there is a clear trail of what was said before the sale. Once a sale has been completed the thread will be locked by an admin or moderator to prevent the terms or acceptance of terms be altered by a dishonest buyer/seller.

If the sale was conducted outside the forum then I wish you luck in resolving any issues. If the transaction occurred on this blog it will be considered a private sale because there is no way for me to moderate and as my disclaimer reads I DO NOT get involved with transactions that are not my own. I am only liable for myself period.

Step 3 for Both Buyer & Seller
Always give the other party a way to contact you. A private email is best but personally I don't mind also giving my phone number but that's just me, everyone else should do what they are comfortable with.

And if you made the transaction on the forum it does not mean you should only contact that person through the forum. And using someone's log in as a basis of whether they are ignoring your PM's or Emails is not right. For example I am set to ALWAYS be Logged On. In fact I am logged On permanently on 3 different computers. I don't know why it doesn't kick me off of one when I go to another but right now I am logged in on my home PC, my iPad and my work PC but that doesn't mean I am permanently glued to my monitor. I will sometimes take a few minutes to glance at the forum or blog but might not be able to respond right away or I may not even see your message. However, if the seller is fine with being contacted only through the forum than that's fine too.

Step 4 for Both Buyer & Seller
If you have an issue with another member on the forum you are welcome to post for advice or privately ask any member you are comfortable with. It doesn't have to be an Admin or Moderator. We are not Judges for this sort of thing and there are ALWAYS 2 sides to a story so there's no way we would know who is telling the truth and who isn't. However if a certain member is found to be dishonest or a scammer and it CAN and HAS been proven without a doubt than all we can do is BAN them from the Forum. We can't help you recover your $ so both Buyer & Seller should consider the risks involved and ask themselves are they willing to accept them and the conditions set by the other party. If the answer is NO or you aren't sure than you should NOT complete a transaction with that member.

Step 5 for Seller
Jen suggested a great idea of adding a Security Tag that if removed by the BUYER the item is NOT Returnable. This is to ensure that the buyer does not send you a different bag claiming damages or flaws that were not listed. I actually do the same thing for my Authentic Bags but probably will not do so on replicas. It just depends on how much I spent on it and how much I am selling the item for. This is not a requirement, only a suggestion.

I am sorry for the long post but I wanted to be thorough. If anyone else have suggestions please feel free to let me or one of the other Admins/Moderators know by either commenting on this thread or sending a PM/Email to any of the Admin/Moderator you feel most comfortable with. If the condition is fair it will be added to the list.

These Rules are Effective as of Wednesday, April 24th so please make sure you follow them. They are here to help you and hopefully prevent any issues.
For items listed prior to April 24th, the seller can go back and add their terms later on or the buyer can request them prior to purchasing but any NEW listings starting on the 24th MUST all have Terms Clearly Stated within the Listing.

Also these terms may be edited from time to time on an as needed basis. If there are changes made the admin/moderator responsible for the change must make a post announcing there has been a revision so that members have a chance to keep themselves updated.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Authentic Marc Jacobs Quilted Denim Bag

4/25/13 UPDATE: This bag has found a new home with a local buyer. I'm so pleased to have met Kathy, she is such a sweetheart.


This is a video review of my Authentic Marc Jacobs Quilted Denim Hobo w/Chain Strap. I originally thought I had purchased it direct from the Marc Jacobs store but when I did the review I found it stored in the Yoogis Closet Box and realized it was actually purchased pre-owned through Yoogis.

I am pretty sure it was purchased sometime last year but can't remember when. I'm fairly certain I've had it for at least 6 months or longer but less than a year.

As most of you know I am a one of those people who babies her bags so I don't like the idea of purchasing pre-owned unless it is NEW or in Excellent Condition with very little wear.

Yoogis Closet is very honest about flaws and their photographs are very detailed but I think due to the fact that the interior is so light and their pictures tend to be lighter than the actual product it made the inside look flawless but I seem to recall they did mention it shows gentle signs of use.

To me the exterior still looks new and the gold hardware is still nice and bright with only hairline scratches which are only seen when inspected very closely.

I have no idea what the original retail price is. I can't even remember what I paid for it but I think it was something like $398 or $498. Marc Jacobs bags are really expensive but like Jimmy Choo & Dolce Gabanna which are all expensive brands, they do not hold their value so you can get a NEW or Nearly New Pre-owned bag for up to 70% off retail prices!

Anyway I'd like to try and sell this bag for $100 including shipping anywhere in the U.S.. I will also ship internationally if the buyer agrees to pay for Global Express Registered Mail because that is the only way I can get tracking and it is quite expensive!

So now I will let the video do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!!!


IMPORTANT READ on the ABC's of Replicas

Smart Smith, who is a seller and also a member of our forum wrote a post that I agree with 1,000% and felt it was important enough that I wanted to share this with you as well as my response to it.

If you are New to buying replicas or if you are one of those people who are SUPER PICKY with replicas you need to read this. I really believe some people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to replicas because even the authentics are NOT perfect yet some people go all crazy when they find a tiny flaw on a rep that they spent $100 that would have cost them $1,000s if they had purchased the authentic version.


Smart Smith's Post:

I know there are many professionals here in the forum. They know the authentic designer bags (or whatever) well, even the slightest detail can be noted. I really like dealing with these people, as I can learn a lot from them myself. HOWEVER, I don't think you know replicas well, therefore allow me to share with you something about replicas in my knowledge.

I have been in replica business since 2008. The companies I've worked for include EHBestFashion, ReplicaEStore, HandbagsOutlet, PursesMama, and I started my own business on Facebook since Dec. 2011. It's my 6th year in business, so I am sure I have some say in this topic.

There are different grades of replicas, namely: B, A, A+, 1:1, original (I am sure some have heard about original quality grade before, but many of you have this confused with 1:1). Let me open it up a bit more:

1. I don't want to talk about B quality. It's the most disgraceful knockoffs, made of complete plastic, about $20-30 per piece, mostly sold on street sides.

2. A quality. It's still bad replicas, but at least it's made of PU or PVC, more durable than B and it's about $30-$80. HandbagHeaven is selling exactly the same quality, except that they don't have the logos. The hardware is a pain, totally crap, made of plated plastics.

3. A+ or Super A quality. Some of you are told "Special A" quality or AAA quality. I must say that replicas of Super A quality are already very good, at least they are made of real leather. Most websites are selling Super A replicas, but the hardware is a misery, they break easily, especially the rings on Louis Vuitton bags (namely the Galliera, the Artsy). I am sure most of you have bad experiences of hardware coming apart.

4. 1:1 quality. It's pretty much the same as Super A quality, but with better hardware. The leather used for this grade are either first layer calf, lambskin or sometimes, suede. You can hardly tell the difference between a 1:1 quality replica and a Super A replica from the leather materials, because they use the same leather. But of the same piece of calf leather, the better part (neck, belly) is used for 1:1 while the rest for Super A quality. All leather used for 1:1 and Super A is local Chinese calf or lambskin.

I know some websites have successfully misled you to believe that 1:1 quality replicas are made of imported leather. There are numerous blog entries on the web about 1:1 replicas in original imported leather. They are just part of marketing operations by online trading companies. As part of the manufacturing team before, I can reassure you that NO 1:1 quality replicas are made of imported leather, which is 3-5 times the price of local leather. As a matter of fact, people in the factory or production line have them called separately. 1:1 is 1:1, original is original.

The prices for Super A and 1:1 are pretty much close, most websites have them mixed, and claim all their products are of 1:1 quality. If you receive your first item from a website, and the quality is superb, then you place your second order, and it turns out the hardware breaks off easily, it's most probably the kind of websites I am talking about.

5. Original quality. The ONLY version of replicas made of imported leather (calf or lambskin) and imported hardware (mostly from Switzerland). These items are outrageously expensive. For example, an original quality 35CM Birkin is sold for $1200-$2800 (some websites even claim they are 100% authentic like now closed by GUCCI), and an original quality Chanel medium flap is sold for $450-$1200. HOWEVER, I must say that SOME brands like GUCCI, COACH, BURBERRY and most of LOUIS VUITTON are NOT available in original quality. As far as I am concerned, Celine, Chanel, Prada, Hermes, Fendi and Bottega Veneta have the original quality replicas. Please therefore be aware!

With the above being said, I also need to speak for myself and this industry. SOME replica lovers are just being too picky. They want their replicas to be 100% identical to the real deal, every single detail has to be the same. If you are lucky enough, you may get something like that. HOWEVER, replicas are replicas, not even the original quality replicas can be 100% identical to the real thing from every single detail. We should all understand that replicating is illegal, all factories in China are in the remote countryside or even in the mountains to avoid inspections. They import superior materials to make top quality replicas, so they have to make FULL use of each piece of leather. They may make some tiny changes on designing the bags, like cutting, stitching and sewing, just to avoid waste of leather. I think this should be understood and accepted. We take the risk of getting caught, fined and imprisoned, so you don't have to waste some $1000 to $10000 on a real designer thing. With only a fraction of the price tag, you can get the same quality and bigger excitement that comes along. Shouldn't we be more grateful?

PS: Kim, can you please do me a favor to make this post a sticky thread so more people can read it? Thank you in advance.

And here is my response to his post:
Hi Smart Smith, I agree with you 1,000% that there are too many buyers who are super picky. I have seen people count stitches and measure the exact distance between monograms, or if colors are just a shade off, incorrect date code, dust bags, authenticity cards etc, etc, they complain like it is the end of the world. I feel like telling them that if you are such a perfectionist you should just go and buy the real deal! It annoys me to no end but since I am not a seller I just try to ignore posts like that but sometimes I do put in my 2 cents but nice and polite as possible :D.

I have had many horrible reps and except for 2 times I have never bothered to ask for an exchange, refund or credit. The one time was when I received a dirty Chanel bag so I asked if I could exchange it and then just had to laugh at the seller's response that white is easy to get dirty so clean it lol. The other time was due to ordering the wrong size from Joy which was totally my fault but I had to ask her to exchange because it was for my employer and I didn't want her to get upset with me. Other than those 2 times I have just written off any bad reps as losses.

I realize the risk sellers take and appreciate what they're doing. Only the ones that are obvious scammers who take your $ and don't ship or those that do not allow you to write truthful reviews when it is not positive are the ones that I avoid. And I really can't stand it when a seller tells me an item is a MIRROR IMAGE 1:1 quality because honestly I have never seen one before. Perhaps it is because I tend to stick to the lower price range like the ones I get from Joy. I don't mind those little issues and I am truthful about the flaws in my review but for the most part it does not bother me.

I love most of my reps just as much as my authentic bags with or without the flaws LOL. Thank you for taking the time to post this. I will also post it to my blog because I think people need to see it.

I have gotten so many requests from people who are always asking me to recommend them where they can get a 100% PERFECT MIRROR IMAGE replica of such and such and I have to tell them that there is no such thing but they refuse to believe because they see reviews from other buyers who say their rep is perfect. What they don't seem to realize is that everyone has different opinions. What is perfect to one person may be crap to another.

Another thing that I see often is that buyers blame the seller when an item is less than perfect. They need to realize that most sellers do not make these bags themselves and most probably buy from the same factory. So it is just a draw of luck when one person gets a better rep than the other. And I often see that when there is one negative review of a once respected seller all of a sudden a bunch of people jump in to complain about same seller. Then there will be a positive review about a new seller and everyone flocks to this new seller and it just goes round and round.

Complaints are always louder than praises. When there is one complaint people all get nervous that their items will be crap as well and start to criticize the smallest detail. I don't get it myself but to each their own.

I do expect to get good quality when I buy but for me it has more to do with the quality of the material used (i.e. leather, fabric, hardware etc.) and construction. Extremely bad stitching is a NO NO but a few spots that aren't completely straight is not a big deal.

When I first started my blog I pointed out every single crooked stitch LOL, not because I was complaining about them but because I wanted to be thorough and also because I thought the authentic were perfect. Until I realized otherwise and since then I no longer point out those itty bitty imperfections or if I do I also let it be known that the authentic ones have some of these same imperfections.

Anyway sorry for jacking your thread and rambling for hours LOL. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate that you took the time to post this and I agree with you in every aspect!

Authentic B. McKowsky Camo Leather Handbag for SALE

5/19/13 UPDATE: This item has been sold to the lovely Maja :).


This is a video review of my Authentic B. McKowsky Leather Shoulder Bag in a Snakeskin Embossed Camouflage Print.

It was purchased from Nordstrom at the Lenox Square Mall here in Atlanta sometime last year. I don't remember but I have never used it. I still think it is the cutest bag but it is too small to be practical for me.

I've been holding onto it forever it seems because I really do think it is adorable but it's just been sitting in my closet collecting dust so it is time I find it a new home and get something a bigger that I might actually use.

I may look for another camo pattern bag but in a larger size. This was the only one in this print and though it wouldn't go with very many of my wardrobe I still would like to have at least one :).

Anyway this bag is available for Sale at $100 which includes Shipping anywhere in the U.S.. I will also ship internationally if the buyer agrees to pay for Global Express Registered Mail because that is the only way I can get tracking and it is quite expensive!

So now I will let the video do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!!!


Authentic Coach Kristine Embossed Python Leather Flap Satchel w/Matching Wallet

This is a review of my Authentic Coach Kristine Embossed Python Leather Flap Satchel Handbag and the Matching Wallet which were purchased separately.

There are not too many fans of Coach bags in the rep world because Coach bags are for the most part very affordable. Even their most expensive leather or exotic skin bags are under $2,000!  You can get a brand new monogram canvas bag for under $200, sometimes under $100 if they are on clearance at the Outlet or on eBay.

So it makes no sense for anyone to buy a replica Coach not to mention they look AWFUL!

I have never seen a replica Coach that could ever pass as authentic and some of them are priced almost as much as the authentic bags, that is just CRAZY!

Anyway I thought I'd give my Coach bag a little attention since there are so few who are reviewing Coach on our Forum. I think I currently have 6 Coach bags and they are all the higher end bags. I do not like their monogram canvas bags at all though I did buy one a long time ago which I later sold to my co-worker.

This one is one of my favorite even though it is an older model and I've only used it a few times :).

I checked the Coach site and could not find it listed so I'm assuming they are sold out in this style.

However I did see some that are BRAND NEW with tags being listed on ebay for $598 with FREE Shipping and NO Tax so I really wish I had checked eBay first prior to buying this bag from the Coach Store. I could have saved a couple hundred bucks and used it to buy a replica :(. Oh well, just gotta think about that the next time I buy another authentic bag :).

And now onto the review!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Artsy GM from Fang

4/22/13 UPDATE: Ang has decided she is going to keep the bag so it is no longer available for trade. Thank you to all those that expressed an interest. I assure you there will be others coming along :).


Here is a lovely replica of the Louis Vuitton Artsy GM in Monogramed Canvas. This item was purchased from Fang by one of our forum members, Ang (aka bellabags).

Ang has decided to put this beauty up for "Trade/Barter" so if you are interested or would like more information please contact Ang directly via the email posted in her message. Or you can contact her through the Forum.

The original post can be found here:
You can simply send her a PM or Email by clicking the link under her username.

Please NOTE: This item is a replica therefore I ask that interested parties DO NOT post comments offering to buy it. If you do they will be DELETED without notice. If you are interested in this item please contact Ang directly via the forum link above.

Disclaimer: I offer courtesy listings in the "Trade/Barter" section to my readers and forum members. If you decide to trade with someone other than myself than please understand that I am not liable for any issues that may arise.  I DO NOT screen people so I cannot vouch for their integrity and will not be able to help resolve disputes that may occur. You will be dealing with a stranger online so use common sense and take necessary precautions. I am only liable for myself so please keep that in mind before committing to a trade and be sure to ask all questions and request additional pictures (if desired) before making your decision.


Ang's Message:
Im still not sure on whether i should trade this or not, so im Testing the waters! I got this from fang 3 days ago and haven't worn it yet. I'm in love with the size and shape. I added two coats of olive oil and have been placing it under the sun to get some color. I'm really impressed with the color of the hardware, the stitching and the color of the canvas. I'm not happy with the creasing. I know some authentic artsys do crease (thanks to YouTube, tpf and you lovely people) but I'm not a fan of it. I paid 193$,so ideally I'd like to trade for something of equal value including including shipping in the US. Let me know if you are interested. I'll provide more pictures if needed.

Email:  XXX (bag is no longer available)

How many of you are also Jewelry Junkies???

In my post from yesterday I mentioned I had 2 special announcements to make. I will separate them into two different posts since they have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other.
Here is the first announcement (already posted on the forum so I'll just copy and paste here):
As some of you know from a few of my comments I am not only addicted to designer handbags but am also a huge jewelry junkie! I don't really wear much jewelry myself but I enjoy making them and selling them. But personally I hardly wear any jewelry at all except for my wedding ring.
I discovered the world of handmade jewelry about 5 years ago and started making them as a hobby. Initially I was buying the materials from JoAnne's, Michaels and Hobby Lobby but if you have ever been to those stores you will know the prices are ridiculous! The cost of the material alone was more than I could charge for the finished pieces so I really wasn't making any profit but that was ok at first because it was just a hobby not a business.
I was making jewelry because it was fun and also a type of therapy for me :). But since I don't really wear much jewelry, I was giving them away as gifts to friends and family. But then some of them suggested I sell them because I'm actually fairly good.
Let me just say that I DO NOT make jewelry from scratch. This means I do not make my own beads or findings. I buy the components and assemble them into finished pieces. One of my favorite things to do is buy lots of vintage jewelry and take them apart and use the parts to make a completely new piece of jewelry that is unique. These sold the best.
I was spending $1,000s for the materials from the retail stores and other beading stores I found but then I discovered I could buy them for much less from eBay so I did that for awhile and then discovered wholesalers in China so I started buying direct from the manufacturer.
The problem with buying from the manufacturer is that they require a minimum purchase so usually each one of my purchase was anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000 each buy and I was buying LOTS.
I can honestly say I have at least $50,000 worth of inventory at this time. They are all organized into containers and stored in the family room which I have sealed off as my crafting place. I also have HUGE Boxes of Beads and Findings and other Jewelry in my basement that hasn't even been opened.
In addition to making jewelry I also make hand painted mannequin heads for jewelry display and also sell materials. Since I buy in bulk I can sell them for way less than what you would pay from Michaels or even eBay.
For example I purchased a packet diamond shaped antiqued bronzed filigree findings that cost $4.99 for a pack of 2 pieces. I sell the exact same item for $2.99 for 50 pieces!!!
So if you are a jewelry maker than I can sell them to you at a huge discount especially if you buy in bulk. I was selling my products on Etsy, Bonanza, Artfire, Ecrater and a few other places and I was quite successful because I could not keep up with the orders.
It was wonderful having a hobby that I could actually make money on but with my job has become increasingly demanding and I am finding myself working very long hours so I was unable to ship orders in a timely manner and then I got addicted to handbags so I completely set my jewelry business aside and shut down all my shops.
Well I still have tons of inventory and I don't want to liquidate them because I still enjoy making jewelry and I would not get anywhere near what I paid for them so if I do decide to sell them quickly I would just list them as large lots on eBay which I have done in the past.
I filled a Large Flat Rate Priority Box with beads and findings or Vintage Jewelry or even Broken Jewelry for people who likes to use the parts to repurpose into a different piece. I sold these for anywhere between $100 to $850 per box depending on the contents.
Well a few of you have contacted me about my jewelry and some have posted on a few thread asking to see them.
I do not have the time to handle the amount of orders when I sold them on those selling avenues but I think if I sold them to a limited number of people like on my blog or a forum I could keep up with it and also I'd be able to communicate with my buyers through the blog or forum.
So last night I started working on creating a forum specifically for Jewelry Addicts. I didn't want to post them on the Rep Lovers United forum because it has nothing to do with Designer Items and I don't want people who are looking for bags to have to sort through a bunch of jewelry or supplies they have no interest in.
So I would like to know how many of you on here are also addicted to Jewelry? I have Vintage, Contemporary/Modern as well as unique pieces that I created myself. I also sell displays (i.e. jewelry displays and mannequins).
If you are a jewelry addict than please let me know and once the forum is up and running I will give you the link to where you can join. Registration will be automatically approved since the items are perfectly legal to sell.
If you are also a seller you are free to post your own items for sale as well. I would not charge you to post items for sale and as long as you are honest about the products there should not be any problems.
Even if you are not a seller you can still post your jewelry for sale and they can be new, pre-owned or vintage. There will be a category for each one.
It will probably take me at least a week before the forum is completed as I am having to do it on the side in between my work, my blog and the Rep Lovers United Forum so that is why I can no longer sell on a selling venue. I wouldn't be able to keep up with orders and people would get upset.
I am sorry for the long post but just wanted to make sure I covered everything here. If you are interested you can post here or email me so I can keep a count of how many people will be joining.
If there are not many interest I may do a little paid advertising but I prefer to keep the demand on the low to moderate side so I can handle orders in a timely manner.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Trevi PM Video Review

I posted the photos of this bag on awhile back but today I also made a video to go with it so I have combined them together in this post.

I made this video especially for one of my blog readers, Vivian, who recently joined us here on the forum. She purchased a Trevi PM from Joy and was concerned that the canvas of her bag was too stiff/hard.

I assured her that it is supposed to be that way in order to maintain it's shape/structure but I also wanted to give her more details on the Authentic Bag so she can compare her Replica and determine if she has a good replica. I have pictures of this bag posted a couple months ago but I like to do both videos and pictures when possible.

Also I feel that I could point out the differences from Joy's replica vs the Authentic because I originally purchased a replica of this bag from Joy as well but due to a problem with the long strap I decided to buy the authentic.

So Vivian, here you go girl! I hope this video helps you out! If your bag is anything like the one I got from Joy than it is near perfect so be ENJOY your beautiful new bag!!!

NOTE: For some reason the video cut off on me before I was finished so I had to create a 2nd one to complete the review. They are both posted below as Part 1 and Part 2

This is Part 1

This is Part 2


Vivian's Comments:
Hey Sarah,

Its been awhile since we wrote. Hope everything with you is fine despite of the being busy as always.
I am writing you coz I am just wondering if you could help me enlighten about the Trevi PM. I know you have an authentic thats why I would like to know how is the canvas? I just received my order from Joy and it looks really good aside from the smelling part.

Im just curious coz I couldnt read from your blog hows the canvas. Is soft or hard. My replica is very hard. Is it suppose to be like that?

I also bought from Joy a Hampstead MM in Damier Ebene but it was sooo soft. I wish they use the same material as they use for the Trevi PM coz I want my hampstead to be able to stand up by itself. And I wish that the Trevi would be a little bit softer. It is so stiff. Is it supposed to be stiff? Would appreciate your reply.

I sent some pictures of my Artsy replica but I think I sent it from your work email. I will send you some in this address soon.

Have a nice day. Hope a you a good sleep!!



Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Limited Edition Agenda

4/25/13 UPDATE: This item has been rehomed! Thank you to all those that have expressed interest!


This is a beautiful replica Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Damier Ebene Agenda originally purchased from Catty and is being offered for "Trade/Barter" by a member of our forum.

You can find her original post here:

Please NOTE: This item is a replica therefore I ask that interested parties DO NOT post comments offering to buy it. If you do they will be DELETED without notice. If you are interested in this item please contact Brya directly via the forum.

Disclaimer: I offer courtesy listings in the "Trade/Barter" section to my readers and forum members. If you decide to trade with someone other than myself than please understand that I am not liable for any issues that may arise.  I DO NOT screen people so I cannot vouch for their integrity and will not be able to help resolve disputes that may occur. You will be dealing with a stranger online so use common sense and take necessary precautions. I am only liable for only myself so please keep that in mind before committing to a trade and be sure to ask all questions and request additional pictures (if desired) before making your decision.

Brya's Comments:
Forgot I had this. Ordered from Catty and she sent the wrong size. This is the small size. Never been used, comes with dust bag and box Paid 55 I believe.

Email:  XXX (bag is no longer available)

Authentic Dolce & Gabanna Miss Pocket Python Snakeskin

I posted the pictures of this bag for sale on 2/14 but the pictures were taken with my old camera and the quality was really bad. So I decided to re-do the pictures and also add a video so you can see exactly what the bag looks like.

I did the video today and will get to the pictures hopefully by next weekend. This is a very expensive bag so I understand how people would be wary that it may be a replica especially since I admittedly buy both. But it will come with a notarized Guarantee of Authenticity.

I will have a contract written up to the buyer which he or she will view and approve or they can ask for it to be appended to their satisfaction. The contract will basically say that the bag is guaranteed to be authentic and if it is found to be counterfeit by a professional authenticator than I will issue a FULL REFUND including all shipping costs and will also pay for the authentication fee and even send you an additional $200 for the inconvenience.

This contract will be notarized by a Wells Fargo Bank Customer Service which is one of the banks I use. That way you have a legal and binding contract that will protect you should you find the bag is not as described.

I would never deceive anyone but obviously anyone can say that and people do lie so this is why I am offering to do this.

The video is posted below and you can find the pictures posted here:

I will say that I am unsure of the original retail price of this bag. I know it is somewhere between $3,200 and $3,500 but I think it is $3,200. In the video I said $3,250 so please excuse that discrepancy. I have tried to contact Dolce & Gabanna to get more info on this bag but I cannot seem to find a phone number for them anywhere! If you happen to know please share this info so I can contact them and confirm the price and other important factors.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Marlebone GM

This review is for a replica Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Marlebone GM from a new seller (9starbag) posted by a forum member, Eva (aka eyelovelv).

The original post can be found here:

I believe this style is fairly new but I may be wrong. I have seen it on Joy's site for a couple weeks now so I know she just released it on her site.

I think it's a beautiful bag but I already have too many Damier Ebene bags so I'm trying to branch out into other brands and styles but these pictures are really making it hard to resist :).


Eva's Comments:
Sorry this took me awhile. First photobucket wasn't cooperating...then my tablet wasn't. Then my son was trying to climb the walls lol. Anywho....

So I was already prepared to be let down and thinking I would be putting this back up for trade today. Well....SOOO not happening lol. I love it!!!

It arrived nicely packaged and stuffed with air pillows. It was snapped closed which is very cute but I will probably have it unsnapped most of the time so I will have to train it for that :) Here she is.....