Monday, March 18, 2013

IMPORTANT: Changes to Items Offered for Sale or Trade

Due to recent events I have made some changes to the "For Sale" and the "Trade/Barter" Sections.

Only Authentic Items can be listed on the "For Sale" section. And only items that pertain to the overall theme of this blog are allowed (i.e. handbags, shoes, clothing etc.).

All replica items that were previously listed for "Trade/Barter" have been deleted. If you'd like to relist your item please send your pictures along with a description AND your contact info. DO NOT make any references to selling unless your item is authentic.

Replicas can only be listed under the "Trade/Barter" section and interested parties should contact the owner of the item directly. They may also leave a comment with their contact info so if you are the owner make sure to bookmark your listing and check in periodically. And please let me know if your item is no longer available so I can update your listing.

Anyone interested in the items listed in the "For Sale" and "Trade/Barter" section are encouraged to contact the owner of the item first. You can also leave a comment with your contact info but please keep in mind that any comments offering to Buy or Sell items listed under the "Trade/Barter" Section will automatically be DELETED....NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

I apologize for any inconveniences this has caused for those of you that submitted items previously. If your item is still available please submit your listing again and if it abides by the terms listed here I will be happy to re-post it.

Thank you for your understanding!



  1. hey sarah i cant find the trade/barter section. help!

    1. Hi Kaylie, I had removed it but now it's back. You can find it by clicking the menu at the top of the page.