Friday, March 15, 2013

Some Changes to the Blog and Forum

Hi Ladies, I will be making some changes to the blog to hopefully make it easier to navigate. The most recent change are the Brand Categories listed to the Left. You can now click on a specific designer and find only items from that brand.
There will also be other categories like Bag Reviews, Wallet Reviews, Authentic Products etc. which means that some items will be listed in more than one category.

For example an Authentic Prada Bag Review by someone other than myself would be listed under the following categories:  Authentic Products, Bag Reviews, Prada, Reviews by Others.

I hope this makes it easier to find the product you are interested in reading about. And thanks to all of you that have submitted your reviews and/or photos to be shared on the blog.

Some of the postings here were copied from submissions to our forum at If your posting from the forum was moved here and you prefer to keep it within the forum only simply send me an email or PM me in the forum and I will remove it immediately.

I had started asking the authors for permission to copy and paste but it's such a hassle sometimes due to the amount of work and other obligations I have so I will just assume it is ok to do so unless I hear otherwise. But not all the reviews on the forums are posted here so it's best if you join us there as well :). The blog and the forum are an extension of one another so you will find similar info on both places except that on the forum you'll be able to mingle with the other members more easily than you can here. Reviews submitted to this blog may also be shared on the forum unless you specifically ask that they only be posted here.

Some news on the Forum:
Due to a mean spirited email from an anti-rep person, Kim (the forum creator and a friend), has put the forum on lock down so that all users with zero postings have been deactivated. If you would like to be re-activated please contact an admin or moderator of the forum with your request. I am an admin there as well but my time during the week is limited so it's best to contact Kim or one of the other admins/moderators first.


  1. Goood idea about the seller list!

  2. What happened to the forum? It says it got deleted due to some violation. At first some pop up came up saying warning there are photos of some sluts.
    Was the forum removed?