Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Replica Monogram Keepall 45 Macassar by Reader

Here is a reader submitted review of her Replica Monogram Keepall 45 Macassar that was purchased from Purse Valley (

Now if you've read my review on Eva Knox you'll know that I do NOT recommend buying from this seller or any of her websites and Purse Valley is her main store. If you have not read my review please take a moment to do so especially if you want to buy from them. You can find it here: L

But to be fair I have seen a few reviews that I think are legitimate from happy buyers and my anonymous reader, whom I will refer to as, Anna (she didn't give me her name), is one of them.

NOTE: I am not familiar with this bag so I don't really know whether it's a good replica or not but the pictures do look pretty good. Thanks for taking the time to submit them!


Anna's Comments:

Hey, I started reading your blog about a month ago. I purchased 3 LV replica bags last week, and I thought I'd submit a review of one of the bags that I got, the Keepall 45 Mono macassar.

Ok so, first of all, I got the bag from, the website operated by Eva knox. I was a little bit worried, because I found out that she is a scammer after I've sent my money via bank transfer.

I've read so many bad reviews about them, and I thought that my bag is going to be a bad replica, but actually I'm pretty happy with it. Altough it's quite expensive compared to other sites (like fabaaa), I think im going to purchase from them again. 

Anyway, here are some pics: 


Date code:

Stitching on the handles seem to be perfect:


Luggage tag:

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