Friday, March 15, 2013

Replica LV Black Multicolor Courtney MM from Maja

Here's a fun and funky colorful bold badass bag from Maja! This girl knows how to ROCK her bags!

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Maja's Comments:

I think I found my ultimate fave bag ever! The size is great, 13.5 L, 8H and almost 7W. The handles are very well made & stitched & the shoulder strap is a perfect drop for me, it's not too long so it's not flopping around while I walk.

Kim & I were both pleasantly surprised at how heavy the hardware was!! The zipper pulls are heavy & solid, not tinny & hollow. None of the studs show any gold rubbing off (don't know if it will do that or not) and all the gold hardware for both bag & handles actually match.

I like the style of the handles because there's really no room for flaws at all. The zipper is a nice light tan color, not bright white. The stitching isn't too birhgt yellow. It came with only the handles wrapped in plastic so the rest of the bag had already started to patina (which I like) so I put one coat of oil on the handles only so it would match the rest of the bag, because the color difference was noticable.

The placement of the LV's seem correct to the original; the pleat is a little "big" compared to the original though. The colors, the bright PINK should be BRIGHTER compared to pics of auth. I don't think it's TOO noticable unless it's literally beside an auth.

This bag is heavy because of all the leather & studs but I like how that feels... very substantianal & solid. The opening is big enough that I can see everything that's inside. The inside is a brown alcantara, very soft to touch & feels 98% the same to interior of my authentic Artsy. This alcantara feels THICKER & better than the one in my Galliera Azur!

 It was two open slip pockets & inside one of them has the date code VI4122.

I like how when I have this bag on my shoulder, that I can unzip it easily and see my stuff inside, reach in pretty easily without taking it off my shoulder. I like convenience a lot. bag also holds it's shape well when on shoulder, as opposed to my SpeedyB's where they collapse too much on shoulder.

I bought this bag in the SALE section for $170, which is still pretty steep IMHO for a replica but I'm VERY happy with it and hopefully it'll hold up well. I'll do a re-review after a few months.




    1. I'm pretty sure she got this from Joy of FabAAA. She mentioned in one of her videos that all her LV items come from Joy.