Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Weekender by Kate

This is a review of a Replica LV Weekender from FabAAA from Kate's collection. I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I did!


Kate's Review:

Monogram Weekender: This was our first purchase. My husband heard about this site, and wanted to try it.  Being against replicas, I was completely against it and didn't care how good the website promised they would be. He actually ordered this one without telling me, and I was in complete shock.

The detail is amazing on this bag. It is not a common bag, and my husband gets quite a few stares at the airport. I've seen the real one at two different LV stores and there is no difference. The lock with this one is actually better than the one for the Keepall. It is heavier and the writing is very crisp. This one is amazing.

I used to be against replicas, but Joy's have been so great it doesn't make sense. My husband and I are fortunate we could afford designer handbags, but it is more comforting to save a few grand and use it for another vacation. There would have to be a choice between goods or travel, and it is nice to get both. I don't even feel bad about it....with the declining LV quality and customer service, its makes it a much easier choice.

Thanks for posting photos of people who have purchased replicas. You never know what to expect when you are just looking at a buyer's photo. I've been looking at the Balenciaga City, Celine Mini Luggage, and the purple Vernis....hopefully I will see some reviews soon! I'm dying to see more photos!


Here's a picture of her current Louis Vuitton Collection.


  1. Thank you so much for this review! I was thinking about getting the keepall 55, but this has now changed my mind. This is going to be my next purchase! I'm glad your husband is into luxury. I think I finally wore my husband down to buy a LV wallet!

  2. are all the bags in your picture from Joy?