Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Saleya in Damier Ebene by Alynne

Here are some pictures sent to me by a reader of her lovely Replica Louis Vuitton Saleya in Damier Ebene from FabAAA. Thanks for sharing these Alynne and I'm so glad you are happy with your order from Joy!

Alynne's Comments:

Thank you sarah!:)) maja emailed me with the website. Thank you for your help.
Anyways, my first order with joy is the damiere ebene saleya mm.:) it just arrived today...
The bag is not perfect (just few stitching issues)but im not bothered and im pretty happy with it. 

Here's the pictures. The last picture shows the missing stitch(haha) but who would look under the handles except me.
So that's my bag. :)) thank you again sarah for all your reviews . It made my research easier as you already provided the right website to go to.:))) 
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  1. I have one just like it from FAB. Yours looks great! I added a little LV charm to mine to jazz it up. Enjoy!

    1. Whats FAB??? And I want to buy one:)

  2. Your bag looks identical to my authentic one. My zipper pull is pealing and the rings on a handle fading.
    I hardly wear the bag. I can't believe that after paying so much money the hardware is fading. My friend has the same authentic bag as well and had her zipper replaced because it broke.
    Enjoy your bag. When I see such amazing quality I feel stupid for spending all the money on authentic.

  3. Replies
    1. FAB is Joy of FabAAA. Her site is listed in the "Recommended Seller List". Just scroll to the top and click the menu button to see a listing of all sellers. She is the first on the list with a link to her site.