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Replica Louis Vuitton Neo Cabas MM Denim Bag from Vanco

Here are some pictures of the Replica Louis Vuitton Neo Cabas MM Denim Bag that I purchased from Vanco on my 2nd order with them. The bag was $75 plus shipping of $50 but that's only because it was shipped with other items as well. By itself I think shipping is only $40.

This bag is cute and I would probably have kept it if it wasn't a replica. But it isn't a good replica. It is not horrible as I've seen worse but anyone familiar with this style or have studied the authentic would know this was fake from a mile away.

I had also purchased the authentic from Fashion Phile but also had to return it due to unacceptable wear that was not described in the listing. Before I sent it back I compared the two side by side so I can tell you the differences. At the time I did not have a blog so I never thought to take pictures. So my memory will have to serve :).

I also bought a matching wallet from Joy to compare the denim and her wallet was a much closer match in color to the authentic but it was a shade too light. So the denim from Vanco was too dark and the one from FabAAA's just a little too light. You can see the comparison of the wallet and the bag below.


The front and back of this bag are basically identical. There are no name plates to distinguish.

You can see how light the handles are. The authentic one even when it is new is not this light.

The stitching on is decent. It is sloppy in some areas but as I recently discovered the authentic has some imperfections as well so I will not criticize it too much like I did in my previous reviews.

The plain denim area between the handles here feels like there may be cardboard underneath. It is very stiff. The authentic is also stiff but does not feel like cardboard.

The engraving on the screws are a bit too faint. It is a little deeper on the authentic.

The thread is much too yellow. It is more of a pale yellow on the authentic. But I've noticed that this is very common with replicas. I don't think I have any LV replicas with the correct shade of yellow. But I consider this to be a very minor flaw.

This is a close-up of the picture above.

This is a close-up of the other side.

This is with the handles down but it is on the same side.

And here's the other side.

Now this is the opposite side of the bag handles down.

And here is the right side handle.

This bag does not have any structure. I stuffed it full of foam in order to get it to sit up like this.

Close up of the screw. See how the engraving is too faint?

Close up of the buckle below. The authentic one doesn't not hang so loose like this one does.

And here's the other side of the bag.

And the buckle.

And the screws.

The leather pieces on the bottom is not the same length as the authentic. I didn't measure it but I think it is slightly shorter.

Left side.

Right side.

The handles are nice but it is longer than the authentic which is only about 2/3s of this.

Zippers run smoothly with no catching and the gold is close to the authentic from what I remember.

The zipper pull is thick and has a nice weight to it.

The lining is not the same type fabric. The authentic one is really soft and not so yellow as this.

The name plate is perfect! It is nicely centered and the stamping looks great. That's probably the closest to the authentic of the details.

Here I have removed all the foam and set it flat. The denim on this bag is way too dark. The authentic bag is more of a faded denim that I usually see referred to as a "Light Rinse".

The red edging is too bright of a red. On the authentic it is a very dark red. This too is a common flaw on replicas but does not bother me too much.

The 2 stitches on the leather ring here should be tighter. I have a feeling if you're not careful it will come apart.

The lobster claws are a little bigger than on the authentic but the gold is very close.

And here is the denim wallet I got from Joy. As you can see it is much lighter than the denim from Vanco. The wallet is a closer match to the authentic but it is still a tad too light.

I completely forgot to look for the date stamp on this bag but I think I may have glimpsed it on the interior of one of the inner pockets.

So here's a quick overview of all the differences I noted:

The opening is too wide. The authentic bag is smaller on top and becomes wider towards the bottom.

The denim is too dark. The denim fabric itself feels like good quality and the monograms are nice but the authentic is more of a faded denim.

The leather trim is way too light with a pinkish undertone that is not true of a new LV vachetta.

The handles are too long. The authentic handles are about 1/4 shorter than the replica.

The thread used is too yellow which is very common with replicas.

The lining is way too yellow and the red edging on the leather is too bright of a red.

I'm sure there are other differences but the ones listed above was enough to persuade me to get rid of the bag. This bag and the matching wallet now belongs to my co-worker.

I would rate this bag a 6 on a scale of 1-10 in regards to how close it is to the authentic. It's not a very good replica but still a very cute denim bag if you don't care about the replica part :).

I think this is probably one of the harder styles to replicate because I noticed the one on Joy's site aren't correct either. The thumbnail on the category page looks like the authentic but when you go to the detail page it there are a lot of things that do not look right to me. The shape, size and color are all off and there were other things too. But even so hers look closer to the authentic than this one..

So if you're looking for a good replica of this line I do not suggest you buying it from Vanco or FabAAA. If you see one on another seller ask for some pre-shipment photos because there's always a chance they used pics of the authentic bag instead of the actual product you will get.

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