Friday, March 29, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Delightful MM from Gwen

Here is another replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Delightful MM. This one belongs to Gwen who is a member of our forum at

She purchased it from Fang, one of the top rated sellers on my list, for $146 including shipping.


Gwen's Review:

Hi Sarah-

Thanks for adding the pictures. I've just received the delightful from fang and I have to say, it may be even better than Joy's monogram. The color of the canvas looks closer to that of my friends which I thoughtay have been due to age.

I looked at the LV site and the front of the bag is pretty spot on. The only thing I've noticed is the interior cloth is darker that the stock pictures at LV. All in all, I'm thrilled. It was exactly as I hope in size and shape.

Here are some pic and you can definitely post. I'd love to see some pictures of Fangs damier ebene- that will likely be my next purchase ;).

I liked joys just fine but there are some places it could have been better- placement of handles and the top leather piece along the tip of the bags is uneven under the stitching...nothing really noticeable from the naked eye, probably the well researched  folks on the blog.



  1. Hi!
    Im so confused on how to purchase from fangs website!
    and How much was the delightful??

    1. Hi Alyx, to order from Fang you just email her the link to the item you are interested in and she will quote you a price. The prices vary depending on where it ships to so be sure to tell her where you are. As for the price I'll check with Gwen and update the posting :).

  2. Hi all-
    I paid $146 for this bag including shipping. It took 10 days to ship. My last order with Joy took over 2 weeks but I think because I asked for pre ship photos...

  3. What is Gwens email address so that i can get one of these beautiful bags ordered.