Friday, March 15, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Palermo PM from FabAAA

Here is a review of my Louis Vuitton Monogram Palermo PM from FabAAA. This is one of my favorite bags from Joy, not because it is the best quality but because it's the perfect size and looks great with all my casual outfits. It's just so convenient and practical.
I purchased it on 9/17/12 so I've had it for almost 6 months now and I still LOVE it as much as I did when I first received it! I've only used it 4 or 5 times but it has already started to patina to a beautiful light caramel color.

The pictures below were taken last week during the day but my camera was set to night mode so the colors came out all wrong. My white background turned blue and the color of the canvas is orange in some pictures and dark brown in others. But in reality the canvas and leather looks just like the authentic so I was very happy with it.  It certainly has it's flaws but nothing I couldn't live with.


The front and back of this bag is identical except for the heat stamp on the front. I have seen this bag in person at the LV store in Atlanta and it looks identical to the authentic. It is the same shape and size and even the monograms appear to be in the same locations.

Here's another picture of the front to show you how different it looks when lightened. The canvas above looks orange but the color is a little closer to the picture below though still not accurate.

The heat stamp s perfectly centered and aligned. It looks just like the original from what I remember.

The color of the thread is a little too yellow but not as bad as some of my other bags. This isn't really obvious though. And the stitching itself is pretty even though there are a few areas that aren't so great.

All the screws are engraved.

The red edging is a dark red almost maroon which is true to the authentic.

All hardware are a nice bright gold that matches the gold on my authentic bags.

The bag is wide on top making it very easy to get in and out of and tapers towards the bottom.

There is no stamping on the leather piece on the back side.

The handles are sturdy and long enough to carry comfortably on my shoulders but I am very petite so it might not be long enough for someone with a larger body frame. For reference I am 5',1" and 95lbs.

I have carried this bag out in the pouring rain more than once so you can see some faint water stains here but these will eventually disappear as the gets darker over time and with use.

I love the charm on this bag! The chain is thick with a nice weight to it. The charm is engraved with the LV logo on both sides just like the authentic version.

The edges do not quite line up but I've learned that they don't on the authentic bags either.

The canvas is nice and thick though not quite as thick as my authentic bags.

I keep all my bags stuffed with foam or paper to retain the shape although I don't think it's really necessary for this bag. Even without anything in it the bag still keeps it's shape.

The zipper on this bag runs smoothly with no catching and all hardware are the same gold tone.

The interior is lined in a thick textile fabric that is very stiff/coarse but I have felt the lining on the authentic and it feels the same.

This bag is very roomy. It contains 2 large open pockets on one side and 2 smaller pockets on the opposite side. There are no zip compartments in this bag.

The name plate on the inside is also nicely centered and stitched on evenly.

The date stamp is on the inside of the pocket next to the smallest one which is correct. The date code format is correct as well although I'm not sure about the actual combinations. I've read that the RT doesn't exist for authentic LV's but honestly I couldn't care less if it has a date stamp or not as long as the bag looks nice and is at least 95% close in appearance to the authentic.

The long strap can be worn on the shoulders or cross body. I prefer to carry this bag on the shoulder with the handles. I don't use the long straps but I keep it on anyway and just let it dangle.

The stitching on the straps are nice and even and though the straps are thin it feels quite sturdy. I am confident it can hold a good bit of weight.

The leather rings around the strap is not tightly stitched so there is a small gap but this is a common issue with most replicas. In fact all of my LV bag straps that have these rings are like this.

I am very happy with this bag and have thought about buying the authentic several times just because I like it so much :D. I'd rate this bag a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. Most of the issues are with the stitching. I'm pretty happy with everything else.

This is one bag that I think I will keep for a long time so it may just be the first one that will ever get to a darker patina LOL.


  1. What is the replica bag that you consider the most perfect one?

  2. Hey how come this bag that you got doesnt look like the same one on Joy's website? The handles arent carmel color like yours... they are cream. Did they change the material?

    1. The leather oxidizes which means, when they are chemically exposed to oxygen and then mixed with certain oils (from your hand during use or even tanning oils) it will darken and become more caramel colored. So at first, all new leather bags that have not been tanned or oxidized will be beige/cream colored :)