Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Estrella GM by Kate

Here is a review of a Replica Louis Vuitton Estrella GM from FabAAA submitted by a reader. I LOVE this bag and it is one of the items on my very long wish list :). Enjoy!!!


Kate's Review:

Estrela GM. I bought this one because I wanted a large enough one to fit my iPad and some school books. I often go straight from work all day to grad school at night, with an hour commute....so I'm always on the go.

I really liked this one because I can fit a large cosmetic bag, iPad, notepad, and textbook for class. Inside pockets are nice and roomy. For once, I can fit my iPhone (with otterbox) in the cellphone pocket!

The suede feels nice and it has a date code. I haven't looked up the date code to see if it was accurate. The stitching is good with the exception of the top seam for 1-2 inches, which is ok at worst. Not bad, but not perfect.

I did have one big issue. My bag on the backside had a 1 inch gash in it. It looked like something scraped it, like a tool. Thank goodness it is not too large or on the front. Honestly I would have wanted to return the bag, but it would have been too much of a hassle/waiting. After I thought about it a little longer, you can't see it unless you were looking for it. I was just disappointed that they would let a bag ship like this.

I used to be against replicas, but Joy's have been so great it doesn't make sense. My husband and I are fortunate we could afford designer handbags, but it is more comforting to save a few grand and use it for another vacation. There would have to be a choice between goods or travel, and it is nice to get both. I don't even feel bad about it....with the declining LV quality and customer service, its makes it a much easier choice.

Thanks for posting photos of people who have purchased replicas. You never know what to expect when you are just looking at a buyer's photo. I've been looking at the Balenciaga City, Celine Mini Luggage, and the purple Vernis....hopefully I will see some reviews soon! I'm dying to see more photos!

Here's a picture of her entire Louis Vuitton Collection.

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