Saturday, March 9, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Delightful vs Authentic Delightful by Lucy B

Here is a wonderful comparison review of a replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Delightful vs the Authentic Delightful written by Lucy B for our forum. You can find the original post here:

The replica bag was purchased from the famous Purse Valley which is owned by the noctorious Eva Knox.  This site is on my Black List which is my list of sites and sellers to AVOID. You can find a review of Eva Knox here:


Lucy's Review:

I posted a modeling pic this morning with my messed up replica Delightful from PV . I carry this one and let my authentic Delightful sit in the closet. I bought it pre-loved, but I still can't bear the thought of using it and messing it up! Anyway, I said I would post comparison pics, so here goes!! Sorry about the lighting, it's not the best!

Here they are side by side....which is authentic?? Can you tell??

Is this one the real deal??

Or is this the real LV?

OK....I'll tell you. The bag on the left is the rep...the bag on the right, real LV.

For this one, the rep is the top strap.

This is the replica hardware...

This is the real hardware...

Can you see the size difference? Rep is on the left.

There is a color difference too....



This is the upper edge of the authentic. Notice how the overlap is even with the side seam?

This is the upper edge of the replica. Notice how the overlap is about 1 1/2" past the side seam? Yuk. Also glue residue where the strap was glued down...

Rep is on the left...

This is the authentic strap...

And the messy stitching of the replica strap:

Notice how the stamping is off center? It is too low....

And the stamping of the authentic:

Replica strap stamping, shouldn't be dark like this:

Authentic strap stamping:

Replica sloppy stitching, and this piece is not shaped like the authentic...

Authentic tab....

Authentic Hardware:

Replica Hardware:



Messed up interior stamping of the replica:

Sloppy replica stitching and the zipper pull is smaller than the authentic:

Authentic interior...lining is straight, stripes line up with the hardware:

Replica interior...lining is off center:

Interior color comparisons...the rep is on the left and is just a hint darker than the authentic lining:

So there it is...the replica has some glaring mistakes...and as I bought it from PV, I paid waaaayy to much for those mistakes!! The most visible is the lack of vachetta on the sides...I need to just sell my authentic and buy a better rep from Joy!! I do love this particular style...super comfortable to carry and I love the way it can wear it dressed up or down, this is the PM size, by the way. It's the perfect size for me and what I haul around everyday.

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  1. I just want to say I'm glad to have read this post, I would nave never thought anyone would create a blog to promote their site, and lie about it. But it kind of makes sense, since she is very knowledgeable about every type of bag people comment about and tells everyone the best bag to buy and always tells them who to buy from, and with her monitoring the comments, if someone puts a negative review or comment you will never know. That's unfortunate, because that is misleading to a lot of people. Thanks for your information and honesty!!