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Replica Louis Vuitton Amelia Denim Wallet from FabAAA

3/15/13 UPDATE: I made a mistake in my review. I thought I paid $60 for this wallet but today when I went online to look at my order history I noticed I only paid $48 so forgive me for the error. It's hard to remember every purchase when you buy as much as I do :). Anyway I've revised it so that it is now correct.


I purchased this wallet from Joy of FabAAA on October 8th, 2012 for $48 plus shipping of $49. Shipping was high because I also purchased a bag as well.

I bought this wallet to go with the Neo Cabas MM Denim Bag from Vanco which you can see here:

Unfortunately the Neo Cabas bag was not what I expected so I ended up parting with both items.

So here is my review:


The thread is too yellow. It should be a pale yellow but instead looks more like a neon yellow. This is actually a very common issue in replicas. I've only seen a few that come close to the correct shade but it's really not a big issue and isn't too obvious unless you were comparing it to the authentic.

Stitching is decent. I think it could be better but recently I've seen inconsistencies in the stitching on authentic bags as well so I can't be too critical as I've been in my previous reviews.

The best part of this wallet is the snap! This is like a pet peeve of mine. I have received many reps with magnetic snaps or slide locks like this that do not stay in place. Some will not close at all so I was happy to find that this one closes with a nice resounding snap!

The color of the denim is almost the exact shade of the authentic. I know because I've had a chance to place this wallet on top of the authentic matching bag and I could barely see a difference.

This wallet uses one continuous piece of fabric which is why you see the LV's upside down. This is true of a lot of the LV bags and wallets so I'm sure it is for this style as well.

This is a great size wallet that has a lot compartments for good organization and can also accommodate your checkbook.

You can see how nice and thick the leather and the denim fabric is from the side. Beautiful!

The goldtone hardware is a perfect match to the authentic and it has a nice feel to it.

The interior is lined in a rich earthy orange color leather. Soft and smooth to the touch.

So you can see it has a zip pocket on the left with many credit card slots on both sides. Behind each of the credit card slot is a hidden compartment.

The zipper pull is thick and the engraving is crisp and clear.

Ok so here's the part I don't like. The lining of the zipper pocket looks and feels like PVC which is just a fancy acronym for plastic. But fortunately it is only on the inside of the pocket and whose going to look there :).

This is one of the hidden compartments behind the credit card slots.

You have 9 credit card slots on each side, a total of 18 so plenty for all your cards :).

The heat stamp is a little faint here but it maybe that the authentic is as well. But it is nicely centered and the fonts are evenly spaced and easy to read.

There's another hidden compartment behind the zipper pocket as shown here.

The inside of the hidden compartments are leather not that cheap PVC you see in the zipper pocket.

The wallet came in it's own sleeper and a Louis Vuitton wallet box which I didn't photograph. It arrived nicely packaged and does come with all the authenticity cards as well but I've always just thrown those away. I should probably tell Joy not to bother sending them to me as I'm wasting paper here LOL.

Lastly I have looked everywhere for the date code but it does not appear to have one. To be honest I really don't care about date stamps but I know some of you want it to have everything the authentic does so just want to point that out.

Overall I would rate this wallet a 9.6 on a scale of 1-10. It's a really nice wallet and I would have kept it if I had a matching bag. Perhaps I will purchase it again if I ever find a better replica denim bag to use it with.

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