Saturday, March 30, 2013

NEW Seller Sandy from SimpleAAA

Hey ladies, some of you already know of or are already customers of Sandy of SimpleAAA who is now also a member of our forum at

Sandy originally sold his goods on under the seller ID wwddfourever(simplebest). Unfortunately the contents of his shop has been removed so he is now selling through his Yupoo photo gallery.

I have not personally had any experience buying from Sandy (gonna change that soon though :)) but I have heard enough positive reviews from trusted members of our forum to know that he is a legitimate seller with quality products.

So I have added him to my "Recommended Seller List" and you should too. Log into the forum and show him some love :).

You can check out his products on his Yupoo gallery here:

If any of the items interest you please contact him for details on prices. You can private message or email him on the forum (his forum username is wwddfourever) or send him an email directly at

And if you do make an order don't forget to share your experience and treasures with us :).




  1. Sarah..... Have you purchased anything from this seller yet?

    1. No, I still have not made a purchase from him yet but the reviews I've read from trusted members are mostly good so I would definitely try him out if I see anything I like that I can't get off my usual sellers. His prices are a bit higher than Joy so I prefer to get it from her if I can.

  2. I emailed Sandy yesterday and did not receive a response. :(
    Not sure how to contact him via that web site you provided.
    I see all of the things he offers but don't know how to place an order.

    what does it mean to private message him on the forum?

  3. I have not received a response back from Sandy as well. In fact the email came back undeliverable...

  4. I also need to place an order for some original quality response. What is the deal here?

    1. Nevermind I got my response! Sandy is very nice & pleasant to deal with!

  5. Hi just to say that I bought eva clutch in monogram from The quality is ridiculous.
    1- There's no DATE CODE in the bag
    2 - The “ Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France” was stamped in the wrong side
    3- Most of yellow stitches are double stitched and not aligned
    4 - the leather that holds the metal “Louis Vuitton” logo on the front of the bag is too big and not placed in exact position.
    Before I bought the lady promised to do a 1:1 bag. I described how exactly those details matter and she said that she could make her staff do like that. I was so disappointed when I saw the bag.
    Now, have contacted her for return and she ignores me and doesn't reply my online chat (before she would answer any time of the day).
    Waste of money. Don't buy from them.

  6. Is paying through western union safe to sandy?

  7. Is paying sandy through Western Union safe ?

  8. I recently purchased 2 handbags (LV Kusama Yayoi Speedy and Gucci Boston) from Sandy and I am very pleased with my buys.
    Communication was constant, and the handbags are really great quality.
    I highly recommend Sandy.

  9. I haven't been able to receive an email back from Sandy using this email :(

  10. Goddess - Did you ever get a response?

  11. Is sandy trust worth??? I spoke with him through email and he told me to pay in aliexpress but we only talk by mail for the product. I wanna order a stunning neverfull. Has anyone buy something ?,?

  12. What kind of quality bags are people buying from Sandy? I would like to know because, I want to buy the $30 loui Vuitton tivoli from her, but I'm a little worried that I'll be disappointed. Are the $30 ones passable? Are the stitching good on the $30. Is there a big difference between the $30 to the $120? She says the $120 ones have real leather handles,and trim. I don't know what to do? Btw. The $30 bags have pu leather.