Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Arrivals at Vanco!

3/6/13 UPDATE:  The black Caviar is out of stock so I got a White one instead. You can see it here: http://www.vancofashion.com/vip/Product_Detail.asp?id=6716

OMG, I just saw that Vanco added more Chanel PST's in different colors and they lowered the price too! I paid $89 for the Black and the Beige each and now they're only $79!

They added Red, Blue and Gray in both gold and silver hardware. I'm going to get all 3 colors. Red and Blue with gold hardware and the gray with silver. I love those bags! They also added more items. Someone pull me back cause my wallet is starting to weep!

Here's what I just bought tonight from Vanco. I already have a black jumbo but it has silver chain so I'm getting one with gold chain. Also I want to see how this compares to the jumbo I bought for $395.


Also these are on the way to me from last week's purchase:


I'll probably run to Kroger tonight to send the W/U pmt if I get the invoice within the hour otherwise I'll pay tomorrow. These replica sites are killing me!


  1. I had my eye on that apricot chanel! can't wait to see how yours comes.. i might just have to get one! hope your bag and review comes soon!

    1. There is another reader that is also interested in the apricot and is awaiting my review before she buys. I'll be sure to take pictures of that one first :).