Saturday, March 23, 2013

My NEW Louis Vuitton Rivington Cabas at Work

Hey everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far :). I wanted to share some pictures I took before leaving work on Friday.

These are pictures of my office where I slave away Monday thru Friday lol and my new Rivington from Joy of FabAAA. I received it last Thursday and took it to work the very next day. I can already tell you this will be another favorite of mine! It is so roomy, so practical and works great as an everyday bag! But it's not perfect girls. There are some flaws but I will have to point those out when I do a review of this bag.

Anyway, my dear husband had his employee custom paint my office for me into a pale spring green. In the pictures it looks way darker and brighter than it really is. In reality it is more like a pastel green. As you can see from my office d├ęcor I LOVE COLOR!!! When I first started working here the walls were a bland white that were starting to turn yellow and the desk was small and there were no paintings or anything on the wall. I totally redesigned it to my taste and I am proud to say I have the best looking office in the building. Well best looking to me anyway LOL.

So in the pictures check out where my Rivington is being displayed. She sits right next to my desk so I can admire her and show her off to anyone passing by my office :D.

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