Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Inconsistencies

Here are a few more pictures of authentic bags from my personal collection that I added to the post entitled "Authentic Handbags are NOT PERFECT!!!"

You can see the original post here:

But for those that have already read the original post you can skip it and just see what has been added.

Both of these bags have already been reviewed so it was easy for me to just take out the pictures that relate to this post.


Here are some pictures of my Authentic Trevi PM. The first picture shows you the engraving on the zipper pull. The Louis here is on top and Vuitton underneath but they are both faced upright. I have seen the Vuitton is upside down sometimes or they are side by side so this is not consistent. And that goes for any engravings you see on screws, rings or strap hooks.

This second picture shows you the checks do not line up to form a perfect square on the sides. If you've seen the original post you also know this is true of the Hampstead as well.

So if you purchase a replica Damier Ebene in the Trevi or the Hampstead and the checks do not line up it does not mean it is a bad replica :).


And here are a few pictures of my Authentic Chanel Medallion Tote showing that the quilting on the sides do not line up to form the same shape diamond that you see on the front and back. It is like a different diamond shape where the top half of the diamond is smaller than the bottom part if that makes sense. People are always raving about how the Chanel quilting line up to be a perfect diamond so this was a surprise for me :).


  1. Hey Sarah, your authentic Trevi looks awesome. I'm getting my first replica order (trevi, spreedy, etc) soon and can't wait to compare it to your pics.

    1. Thanks Nesense, have you gotten your order yet? I'd love to share them on the blog :).