Friday, March 29, 2013

Megan's Replica Louboutins Shoes from CN Replica

I don't purchase replica shoes because I'm really rough on them. I'll ruin a good pair of shoes in a day from all the fidgeting I do LOL. So I am even more grateful when I get reviews of these submitted since there just hasn't been very many shoe reviews.

I would like to point out that these shoes were purchased from Sam of CN Replica Bags ( who I have purchased from in the past. He's not a scammer but I have had to add him to my Black List due to lack of customer service. He is extremely slow to respond and even slower to ship. Also it looks like his site is down though I'm not sure yet if this is permanent.

So here's what Megan has to say about her new Louboutins!
Megan's Review:

Hi!!! Ok here are the louboutins from cnreplica (site is  now shut down.) on a scale of 1-10 I give them a 7 maybe 8. The bottoms are nice, but the shade of red slightly off compared to authentic. Not noticeable unless examined side by side like I did(very close cannot tell in pic)  The leather is shiny & a little cheap looking. The stamp on the bottom is clear but not the same as the authentic; couldn't get good pics to show that though. It is not as deep but exact size/font. The gold stamp on inside is too big, low & off center which bothers me slightly. The cuts in the leather on the inside sole drive me crazy. Knowing myself I'll prob wear them once & find a new home or give them away.
Feel free to add your review comments & post on blog.

I'm staying at beach condo tonight & will get you purse pics when I get home tom or Sunday to compare with my authentic :) hopefully  my bags from joy will get thru customs soon!!! happy Friday & Happy Easter !!!!
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