Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mary's New Balenciaga from Vanco FINALLY!!!

So "Mary" finally received her Balenciaga from Vanco and she absolutely LOVES IT! And after her frustrating first time experience dealing with Bobo she is happy to say it was worth the wait :).


Mary's Review:

Hey Sarah! So I have a review for this email and an email that Bobo sent to me.
I just want to start my review by saying Thank you Sarah. If I didn't come across your blog, I wouldn't have found a beautiful bag and been pointed to an awesome forum/community of replica bag lovers! The ladies are so supportive and along with your kind words and genuine concern I was able to calm down in spite of the uneasy situation I was in.
On to the review. So after playing the waiting game and exchanging emails my baby is finally here. I went and purchased a Balenciaga Classic City in black leather and aged brass or dark silver hardware. I don't know if it's one or the other and I'll explain why in a minute.
I called ahead for my local post office to hold my package. Waited in a long line and signed off for it. Came home and tore this box open!
I was surprised that the box was in great condition. It came wrapped in gift tissue paper which I personally thought was a sweet touch. It came with it's dust bag. I've never seen an authentic dust bag from Balenciaga, but this this one seems pretty decent. It also came with a 2 paper tags, one with BALENCIAGA printed on it and the other with what looks like a control number. Most fakes come with a leather swatch and I never got one with a replica bag purchase until now ;)
It's fine really, I'm gonna be a weirdo and keep those 3 items in the zipper pocket of this bag.
I just want to point out that ordering and waiting for this bag took some time a good 2 weeks but seemed much longer. I didn't enjoy it, but the wait was well worth it. I don't think I have ever received a replica that seems to be spot on. This bag looks, feels and smells like the authentic. It can only be described in one word and that is PERFECT. The overall condition is gorgeous I love it so much and as I'm typing out this review to you, I have my baby sitting by my side. Not sure whether to make it a boy or a girl yet, haha! ;)
The handles are sturdy and I'll try to take a modeling shot later. It's supposed to be carried in the crook of your arm but I can fit in on my shoulder. Which I find shocking because I have shoulders that will never allow a bag to sit on. I don't know how to explain it. Most bags that I try to sling over my shoulder just fall, feel very uncomfortable and eventually irritate me. But this bag molds well to me per se. The best way to describe it. I am about to sound weird but I tend to have a connection to each of my bags. Yes very materialistic girl but when you have a passion for beautiful things you can't help it :)
The hardware on my Bal is gorgeous, no scratches accumulated from mishandling or storage. Just smooth with a quality finish.
Which brings me to the color of it.. I'm not sure what it is. Aged brass or dark silver? When I look at the bag, I honestly see a dark silver almost onyx like appearance. But when I took photos of it using the flash it looks like and aged brass. Odd! But I love that about my new bag. It's what I'd like to call a mini me. You see one thing but after scraping the surface you find another that makes it all the more interesting.
A part of my Bal I had trouble figuring out was the leather fringes on the mirror and one that was packaged separately. I didn't know what to do with the extra one, how to fasten it to my bag, or where it should go. Same for the mirror. So what I did was google photos of this bag. Where would it look most flattering while maintaining balance and overall appearance? I just untied the mirror placed it at the end of it's loop, tied the end of that fringe to the oval connector and looped the extra fringe below the mirror's knot. Sounds like a mouthful but it's better explained through the close up photo. Save me words for a change haha.
The stitching is phenomenal. Let me tell you, I inspected my baby up and down between every nook and cranny and it is flawless. Well, maybe not flawless because I did find ONE, yes just ONE loose thread beneath the front oval connector which will be covered by the fringe. Ok now that I look at it, it might not be oval, more like a beveled rectangle. The price for this bag was $105 on Vanco. the shipping was $30 and my money gram transfer was $15. In all $145, not bad at all. But, I do want to say that he sent me the wrong bag. If you check on Vanco, the $105 Bal had black leather that was pebbled and more matte in appearance. He sent my the $85 Bal which is glossy. I wanted the other one, but I'm gonna appreciate this beauty for what it is. Just sucks that I paid about $20 more for a bag I didn't want to order in the first place.
Ok so that's my review. I also wanna add that I sent a photo of "what's in my purse" because I'd like to show the readers just how much you could possibly carry in this particular model. I honestly wish that this bag were a bit larger when it comes to interior space. It's gorgeous don't get me wrong but I feel like I can't fit much in it. I am a small built woman, but I carry my life in my purse. and small items take up a hefty space. I went from carrying a Speedy 40 on a daily to a tight spaced bag. Not such a great transition, but I think I can make it work I carry my make up case which doesn't fit everything I use or my "spare/emergency cosmetics", my compact zippy wallet and a big h&m pouch that won't fit into my bag without it peaking over the top :( Of course it helps that I can easily slide my compact zippy into the zippered pocket of this bag, but it still doesn't do much. Doesn't matter because I love my new Bal!
That's all I can add. This baby is unbeatable thus far of all my replica items. Thanks for taking the time to read my detailed review. If you are thinking of getting this bag. GET IT. I honestly didn't want to recommend Bobo to anyone after my horrid first experience, but this bag is a game changer. I "might" order from him again.
With everything discussed I hope you all have a wonderful day and may all your replica fantasies come true :) Hahaha!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to post my review to your site. All your help was very much appreciated too! I hope to buy more and send in my reviews to you.

    --Mary ;)
    *wink* Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I got called in last minute to cover a shift.

    1. LOL, you've gotta stop thanking med! I feel like you've thanked me so much I need to do something to make me feel I'm worth the praise LOL.

    2. ok thanks... lol!

    3. Hi there! I was wondering if this lambskin leather? I emailed the seller and he told me that the one that is priced at $105 is lambskin. How does your leather feel? Thank you!