Monday, March 11, 2013

Info on the Louis Vuitton Retiro PM

I was working on getting pictures of my Replica Louis Vuitton Retiro PM from FabAAA posted and during the photoshoot I noticed that the opening of my bag sort of caves in and the one on the LV website is very structured. I thought this was a flaw so I googled authentic Retiro PM and came across pictures of one that has already sold on a well known consignment shop that specializes in authentic luxury products.

The Retiro on their site is pre-owned and shows a dark patina but the opening of their bag caves in just like mine. I think the one on the Louis Vuitton website has some sort of bag shaper to keep theirs more structured because I've also seen videos of this bag and they are a bit lumpy on top just like mine.

Here are some pictures for comparison. The first one is a screen capture off the LV website. You can find this picture by going to, select USA, Collections, Handbags and select the Monogram Print and click the right arrow until you get to this picture.

See how the top part of the bag is very structured? There are no creases or lumps whatsoever.

And here is the bag from Mallories which you can find here:

See how the opening is not as structured as the one above? It looks just like the one I got from Joy. Now you may think that it does this because it is used but mine is new.

I thought the lumpiness was a flaw until I saw this picture and there are many others too but I chose this one because Mallories is well known and they have a reputation for only selling authentic.

And here's a picture of my bag from Joy of FabAAA. Mine looks just like the one from Mallories above. But keep in mind my bag is practically brand new. I've only had it 5 months and it's been in my closet the entire time so the leather has not had a chance to oxidize.

Also notice how the monograms are in the exact same place. I feel like such a goof! Earlier I made a post that says the monograms are in different locations but I had mistakenly taken a picture of the Estrella off the LV website. Honestly the Estrella and the Retiro looks like they could be twins! The difference is mainly in the opening.

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