Friday, March 29, 2013

Issues with Vanco Part 3

This is a continuation of my post here:


So it seems that everyone who were concerned about their order from Vanco has finally received their packages. And thankfully most are happy with their purchase so it was worth the wait for some.

However, LUCKY ME, I am the only one left that has not received my order. As of today it has now been 21 days, 3 full weeks, from the date of my purchase and so far I have not received a tracking # or even an update as to whether the item is still in production or not. So basically I don't even know whether it's shipped or not but I am pretty sure it hasn't for the lack of a tracking #.

I don't mind waiting longer but not knowing anything at all is very frustrating and it is so unprofessional for a seller! No matter how busy they are it only takes 2 minutes to check on an order and give the customer some sort of status. I just don't understand why they'd rather ignore emails and cause the customer to feel anxious and frustrated :(.

Anyway my last email was a few days ago, so I sent him another one tonight. This is my 2nd email to inquire of the status. I am trying to be patient and not bombard him with emails.

Below is my email to him tonight. I am keeping you all posted so you'll know what to expect if you should decide to order from this seller.

I am also thinking about doing this for every seller I buy from, kind of like keeping an online journal of the order process. It would have been very helpful to me as a new buyer so I thought it might help some of the first timers or newbies.


Hi Bobo, I sent you an email a few days ago and have not received a reply. I need to know if my Red Chanel PST is out of production yet? You originally told me it would be ready to ship in 5-7 days and I agreed to wait. That was on March 8th and today is now 21 days later and you have not given me an update.

I would like to order a few more things from the inventory you sent me below so I need to know if it is ready. If it is still in production please cancel the order and I will use it as a credit towards a new purchase.

All 4 of my friends who purchased from you have now received their orders so I am glad it worked out for them.

I would appreciate a speedy reply.

Thank you!


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