Monday, March 25, 2013

Issues with Vanco Fashion Website Part 2

Continued on Part 3 here:


This post is a continuation of my previous post (Part 1) which you can find here:


9:50PM on 3/28/13 UPDATE:

Mary finally got her bag today and she's happy to say it was worth the wait! You can see her review here:


11:35AM on 3/26/13 UPDATE:

Mary finally got an update on her tracking. It is now showing in San Fran so it looks like she will be getting it soon. I am so relieved for her. But on another note Bobo still hasn't responded to my email and I still haven't got an update on my last order :/.


10:09PM on 3/25/13 UPDATE:

I've just sent an email to Bobo which I copied and pasted below:

Hi Bobo,

I am emailing to inquire about a few things.

First can you tell me what the status is on my Red PST that is currently in production (see your email to me below). You said it was still in production and could take up to 7 days but your email was on March 8th so it's been well over 7 days and I have not received an update from you.

I would like to add several items to this order when it is ready to ship so I am anxious to know when it will be ready to ship if it hasn't already.

Also I received the White Chanel Caviar Single Flap from you last week and it is beautiful but there are a few issues. The bag is dirty and is scuffed on all corners of the base. Is there any chance you can exchange this for me? I have attached pictures to show you the scuffing and dirt on the leather.

And my last question is regarding an order by one of my blog readers. She purchased from you because I recommended your site. But now she is very upset because the tracking # you gave her does not show any updates for 7 days which is very unusual. The tracking # you sent her is EE89611****CN. Can you look into this and let me know what the situation is so I can let her know not to be so worried?

Thank you for your time and I would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience.




  1. Replies
    1. No not yet though he has been answering emails from members of our forum regarding new orders or thank you notes. Looks like he is avoiding any emails with issues, not a good sign. I'll give him a week and if he doesn't respond or come up with a resolution I will not buy from him again.

    2. Kim, how is your order with him coming along? Does your tracking show any movement at all? I have had 3 other members contact me last night and at their orders are in limbo as well.

  2. Nope it has stayed the same. I'm going to wait a bit longer but what should I do if I never get the package? I paid with CC so I guess just call my credit card company? I'll give it more time but I am just curious what to do if it doesn't pan out.

    1. Kim, I would give it 2 weeks just to be sure and then email him for status if it still hasn't moved. If you don't receive a response after another week dispute the charges with your CC. That's if you're willing to wait that long though. Some of the other members got their order really late and as I said in my previous reviews my last 2 orders were late as well so I'm hoping it's just a delay with EMS and not his doing.

    2. Okay. I'm going to email you now, I have to ask you something else and it's just easier on email. Lol

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